X Factory production and BBQ

This week, the year 6 children have had a busy week performing to their parents, carers and fellow students at LMPS. They were absolutely amazing and demonstrated our school values throughout. We have some stars in the making…

Not only this, the children had an evening together with good food (cooked by Miss Chittick and Mr Pearson), good music (supplied by Mr Pleydell) and great company in the form of their friends and staff. The children have worked so hard this year and I am extremely proud of them!

Good luck for the future Redwood and Rowan children!

£5 Grow in year 6!

The year 6 children’s enterprise project began today whereby they made and sold products to make £5 grow. The children throughout the school showed support and respect to the year 6 children and products sold out in minutes -that’s just day 1!

Good luck to the rest of the children who are selling tomorrow and throughout next week. What great young business stars you are!

Beginning of £5 Grow in year 6!

This week has seen the start of the £5 Grow project that the year 6 children complete post-SATs.

They have begun to identify skills identified in a leader, what qualities they see within themselves and how they want to approach the project. The children will soon be getting into groups and thinking about what items they plan on making to sell to the rest of the school in the next few weeks.

National cakes in year 6!

Continuing the exciting tasks the children have been completing in non-Grangewaters week, the children worked in groups to create Meadopolis’ national cakes to be sold at the end of the week to the rival country! The children enjoyed this task and continue to work well as a team!

Non-Grangewaters week in year 6!

This week, the children have been working as part of a team called ‘Meadopolis’ – a rival country to the ‘Isle of Lawford’ (year 5 children). They have enjoyed creating speeches to persuade voters to choose them to lead the country, completing passports that they need to use to exit the classroom, producing a ‘national anthem’ and spending time putting together a performance for our year 2 children explaining how the rivalry began….

The children are really enjoying the week and have demonstrated all our school values so far. Keep it up!!!

Congratulations to year 6!!!

Today marks the end of a tiring week for year 6 children. I must say I am extremely proud of their resilience, determination and focus they have shown during a stressful week! The children tried their best and I know they could not have given more if they had tried! Well done, year 6! I hope you enjoy the rest of your final term as primary school children! Next up… production!!!

An artistic afternoon in year 6!

During a hectic week in year 6, the children have been continuing their topic ‘Blood Heart’ with the opportunity to create a heart out of clay! The children included arteries and veins while ensuring they use specific at skills to ensure their product would not break.

A relaxing afternoon in year 6 🙂