Redwood Writer of the Week – 17.1.19

This week’s writer of the week goes to Kat for writing a detailed and well-punctuated balanced argument linked to our topic. We were discussing the pros and cons of evacuation during the war and Kat has shown her flare for the topic in this piece of writing. Well done, Kat!

Writer of the week- Rowan

Well done to Felicity for returning to school after the Christmas Holidays with a fantastic attitude towards her work. This week we focused on a setting description of a war scene, using a video on Literacy Shed. See below an extract of Felicity’s work, notice the fantastic vocabulary choices for effect:

Surrounding me, men drop to the floor; it was as if they got weaker by the second. Fear paraded in the air, casting spells and weakening their will to try. The thought of disappointment spiraled in their heads as they dropped to the floor, breathing their last breath, blinking their last blink… Explosions pounced from left to right- completely unpredictable.  Twenty, thirty, fourty, fifty people down..

Redwood Writer of the Week – 14/12/18

The writer of the week this week in year 6 goes to Amelia for an amazing non-chronological report about pandas! Here is an extract of her work:



Have you ever wondered how pandas protect themselves? Or perhaps what they eat? In this report, you will find out lots of interesting facts about these adorable, self-sufficient creatures!


These irresistible creatures are found in the remote, mountainous regions of central China. Also, they are mostly found in the pitch-black and damp forests – bamboo grows easier in these types of locations as the ground is damp.

Well done, Amelia!

Winter Art Day in Redwood

This week in year 6 we have focused our writing and art work around the theme of ‘seasons’ – winter in particular.

In English, we had watched a video of the poem “The Dreadful Menace” and planned then completed our writing around the poem (see above). For art, we used the theme of winter to create a winter scene using silhouettes of trees and paint. The children had a wonderful day and were aspirational in the clean-up! Thank you, year 6!

Redwood Writer of the Week – 30th November 2018

This week the Writer of the Week goes to Brooke for showing aspiration over her myth she created based on the Mayan myth “The Hero Twins’. Brooke tried extremely hard to use impressive vocabulary and to use a semi-colon when necessary! Keep up the determination Brooke!

Below is an extract from her writing:


The story of the Basketball Games began with a girl and a boy named Lacey and Maxwell. Maxwell had brown hair and was very clever; Lacey had blonde hair and was extremely pretty. One day, they received a letter through the door: “we heard you’re extremely brilliant basketball players so come and meet us in the school playground…”

On that day, they wore a blue, teal shirt and candy-cane white shorts alongside black football boots. As they approached the playground, they kept on practising: they would thrown the ball up and catch it. They edged closer to their enemies…

Redwood Writer of the Week – 22nd Nov 2018

This week in Redwood, we have been completing assessments. At the end of last week, Joseph wrote a detailed set of instructions using sub-headings and key vocabulary in Science on how to create a periscope. The children have been really engaged with our topic ‘Light’ this half term. Well done, Joseph!

Writing for anti-bullying week in year 6

In year 6 this week, we have been writing an engaging narrative for anti-bullying week. We have been using the stimulus ‘Wing’ from Literacy Shed to retell the story of a creature who is bullied by a group of crows. Feeling isolated, Wing tries to change the way he is to fit in – this doesn’t work. Luckily, he finds a creature similar to himself, becomes friends with her and flies away – escaping the torment of the crows! The children spent time creating an emotion graph, planning, writing and then editing their stories.


See some examples of our stories over the next few weeks on display in the corridor by the office. Well done year 6 on some wonderful writing!


Writer of the Week – Redwood 8th Nov 2018

This week in Redwood, we have been writing about a video stimulus to represent the Mexican festival ‘Dia De Muertos’. The children used varied openers, topic-specific vocabulary and figurative language.

Well done to Thomas who produced a detailed diary entry from the viewpoint of the young girl in the video.