End of an era…

For the final time….

Hi Year 6!

Well what can we say? It has been a roller coaster of a year for you: you enjoyed Colne Valley, you shone during the Class Assembly (can anyone remember the moves??), you smashed your speeches during Mighty Oak, you persevered and persevered to beat your arithmetic scores each week, your grammar improved considerably and you were all prepared and raring to go for SATS…. how plans can change in the blink of an eye…

For those of you who have not yet watched, head over to this week’s assembly to see some lovely comments from staff about your time at LMPS. As we all have said, keep in touch and we WILL do something for you when it is safe and we can have you back with us one last time…

Don’t forget, we have our leavers zoom Friday 1pm – same meeting ID and password as always. This is for ALL OF YOU – not just those who did not return to school: it will be another chance to see each other – am sure Oscar Dawg will make an appearance – it’s been a while since he appeared on zoom.

We look forward to seeing you then,

Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell and Mrs Dockerill

Mark – you are showing so much passion for maths by continuing to complete it every day

Christina – we miss you too and hope that you are doing well. Keep posting on seesaw what you are doing as it makes us smile seeing you busy

Megan – I’m very impressed with your resilience and passion for completing your daily maths

Phoebe – another Year 6 who is continuing to impress with their daily maths work – well done

Memory jars

Hi year 6,

Mrs Kirby has made a video demonstration of how to make memory jars. Sadly we have not been able to make these in school but feel free to make these at home – share your images and videos of the process on Seesaw!

Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Christina – I love all the different drawings – it is lovely to see you being so creative and using your imagination.

Phoebe – the gadget you have designed is very useful. You can actually make your own one called a periscope. If you get time, maybe have a look.

Megan – well done for continuing with your transition booklet. You have found out loads of important details about your secondary school

Mark – As well as completing your daily maths, it is nice to hear that you have been discussing other subjects like science and PSHE.

Austin – I love that you have been baking as well! Did the cake taste nice? I wonder if it tastes different from a cake cooked in the oven…

A little message from Frau Lees…

Dear Year 6,
It has been real pleasure to teach you all German for the past 4 years. Your enthusiasm and your growing confidence have been wonderful to see. I wish you all every success as you move up to secondary school, and whichever language you learn from September, I hope you will make use of the skills you have gained and continue from strength to strength in your language learning.Attached is a certificate you can print out to mark your achievements in German. Alles Gute! FromMrs Lees