Writer of the week 15th March 2019

This week, the Writer of the Week goes to Dean for writing a descriptive comparison focusing on life of animals before the ocean was polluted and how the animals feel now. Below is example that he wrote including repetition, ambitious vocabulary and emotion:

I used to be able to swim through the ocean in peace. I used to be able to dance around through the coral. I used to be able to swim around wherever I wanted. I felt happy swimming through the oasis. Happiness filled the ocean. Everyone would admire us as we swiftly swam through cyan-blue water. The waves would splash above me as I peacefully swam around without any worries. Until one day…

World Book Day

Today in year 6, the children dressed up linked to our previous topic. The children came in a variety of outfits: army officers, evacuated children and characters from ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’.

Following this, the children came up with questions to ask a guest speaker in the afternoon: a lady who was the daughter of an evacuee. The children posed their questions to her and found out more about what it was like to be evacuated. They were extremely respectful and showed a positive attitude towards the session. Well done, year 6!

Memorable Experience – Darwin’s Delights!

To start off our new topic, year 6 spent the afternoon acting as Scientists! They were given information from Darwin’s research centre to explain that the data had been lost in relation to his theory of evolution. The children were given maps and information about finches to identify which finch belonged to which island.

The children worked with props (blue-tac, chopsticks and tweezers) to imitate life for the finches during Darwin’s exploration. The children worked well in groups and enjoyed acting as researchers!

A Child’s War – end of Spring 1

This half term, the children have enjoyed reading Goodnight Mr Tom as part of our topic ‘A Child’s War.’ This will form the basis for our World Book Day theme. The children can dress up as evacuees, billeting officers, members of the war effort or nurses/doctors from WW2.

In addition, the children have enjoyed learning about rationing, propaganda, air-raids and survival during the war. The children have also used their Literacy lessons to write balanced arguments about evacuation, diaries as characters from the war and learned about Anne Frank – a pivotal figure in history.


I hope the children look forward to our new topic, ‘Darwin’s Delights’ for Spring 2. We have started to cover this already during Science lessons but we will delve deeper into the importance of evolution!

Redwood Writer of the Week – 17.1.19

This week’s writer of the week goes to Kat for writing a detailed and well-punctuated balanced argument linked to our topic. We were discussing the pros and cons of evacuation during the war and Kat has shown her flare for the topic in this piece of writing. Well done, Kat!

Writer of the week- Rowan

Well done to Felicity for returning to school after the Christmas Holidays with a fantastic attitude towards her work. This week we focused on a setting description of a war scene, using a video on Literacy Shed. See below an extract of Felicity’s work, notice the fantastic vocabulary choices for effect:

Surrounding me, men drop to the floor; it was as if they got weaker by the second. Fear paraded in the air, casting spells and weakening their will to try. The thought of disappointment spiraled in their heads as they dropped to the floor, breathing their last breath, blinking their last blink… Explosions pounced from left to right- completely unpredictable.  Twenty, thirty, fourty, fifty people down..