Writer of the week – 28th June 2018

This week in year 6, alongside preparing for our end of year performance, the children have started their science topic of ‘Light’. The children had to prepare an aim, carry out an investigation and conclude their results.

The writer of the week goes to Rhys for preparing a detailed report. Well done, Rhys!


Well done Year 6!!!!

A huge ‘well done’ to all of our Year 6 children who completed their SATs papers this week. This pictures shows the delight they all felt after finishing their final paper (we threw scrap paper, don’t worry!)

We are all extremely proud of your hard work and positive attitude.

Miss Smith & Miss Cope 🙂


Year 6 final SATs booster group – May 11th 2018

Today was the final afternoon booster session for Year 6 children before their SATs begin on Monday. The children had to work in class teams to pop the balloons and answer the grammar questions hidden inside. The winning team was Rowan with 37 correct answers out of 50. Sadly, Redwood came second with 35 correct answers. Both teams showed amazing team work and are as ready as they can be for their tests.

Good luck to all year 6 children. You are as ready as you can be for your tests and we are very proud of you all.


From Miss Cope and Miss Smith 🙂


Art session 2.5.18

This afternoon in year 6 we spent some time painting our clay hearts we made a few weeks ago.

We had an enjoyable afternoon after our hard work so far this week due to our mock SATs. 

Memorable Experience- Rowan

Today Rowan were able to complete their memorable experience of a sheep’s heart dissection! We investigated each side of the heart and compared it’s size, then made two incisions to see inside the atrium and ventricles. We even poured water into each of the veins and arteries to investigate whether they took blood to the heart (veins) or away (arteries). As we had cut the side of the heart open we could see the water flowing out!