Redwood visit Chelmsford Museum

Earlier today, Redwood had the opportunity to visit Chelmsford Museum to experience life as a Victorian.

The children were split into groups and had a chance to handle artefacts and discuss their knowledge about the Victorians. The children had a very enjoyable day and were extremely respectful. A wonderful first trip together as year 6, Redwood!!!


Writer of the Week- Rowan

Well done to Isabelle in Rowan class who wrote the beginning of a fantastic diary entry! We have been reading ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty and we took on the role of the main character, Jim, during his experience of a workhouse. Isabelle has used a range of vocabulary and sentence structures to make her writing really effective!

Chelmsford Museum- The Victorians

On Tuesday 19th Rowan Class visited Chelmsford Museum for an afternoon of Victorian fun! We learnt about the original building of the museum (as it’s a Victorian building) and then we learnt what life would have been like for the servants of the house. We visited the kitchen and handled real Victorian artefacts. We also explored what it would be like to complete the chore of washing during this period – it was hard work! We even found out that their pre-soak soap was made from stale urine!

Redwood NSPCC workshop 13/09/17

Today, Redwood got to take part in an NSPCC workshop following on from a very informative assembly  (which they took part in on Monday).

The children were extremely respectful towards our guests. In addition, the children had the opportunity to speak and to share their ideas confidently and effectively. Our guests even commented on how well they participated. Well done, Redwood! A great start to year 6!