Wonderful Writing!

Even with the Christmas holidays just around the corner, Year 6 have still been working hard to develop their writing skills. Today we used a pobble picture to inspire our writing. We focused on setting/character descriptions, the vocabulary we were using and the sentence structures. As you can see below Jay, Neha and Emma thought about this really carefully.

Well done!


RE in year 6 this term

This term in RE, Redwood and Rowan have been learning about Buddhism alongside Humanism. The children have enjoyed creating detailed posters about the religions, informing others, producing presentations to share with their classmates and have taken part in in-depth discussions and freeze frames about suffering.

We look forward to starting our new topic on Christianity in the Spring term!

Redwood’s Writer of the Week!

This week, the children have been writing an engaging narrative based on the John Lewis Christmas ad ‘Bear and Hare’. The children have been focusing on their use of punctuation and varied sentence structures.

This week, the writer of the week goes to Harvey Rosa who has produced a detailed and well-edited narrative. Well done, Harvey! You should be proud of yourself!

Winter Art Day 2017

In Redwood today, we focused on the Northern Lights. In the morning, we wrote a descriptive paragraph about the phenomenon and in the afternoon, we produced our own interpretations of the Northern Lights. A very productive and efficient afternoon for year 6!