Redwood visit the local library! – 20th March 2018


This morning, Redwood made a trip to North Melbourne Library. The children learned about the process of getting a book out of the library, the different sections found inside the library and also the different libraries around Essex.

The children were extremely respectful and asked intriguing questions. Some even registered to get books out! Well done, Redwood.



Investigating the wingspan of aeroplanes and the distance they would travel – Science week 2018

This afternoon in Redwood, we completed a Science investigation based on flight! We created our own aeroplanes of various sizes. We had to investigate (and predict!) which aeroplanes would travel the furthest. Would it be the largest? Would it be the most streamlined? We made a prediction and went outside to investigate… We really enjoyed this afternoon – please ask us more about it if you see us around school!

Year 6 visit Chelmsford Cathedral! – 13th March 2018

Today in year 6, we went on a visit to the local Cathedral. The children have been learning about Christianity this term in RE and in particular, the Easter Story. The children got to partake in different talks with some well-informed adults who work at the Cathedral.

The children learnt about Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Maundy Thursday alongside partaking on a ‘Palm Sunday’ walk around the Cathedral.

The children were very respectful and asked some insightful questions. Well done, year 6! What was your favourite part of the day? Leave comments below!



World Book Day Newspaper Report

Year 6 spent their Literacy lesson writing a newspaper report in pairs. They were given a video stimulus of a ‘villain’ stealing from various places around Lawford Mead. The children then enjoyed working with their partner to write their newspaper report. Here is the report voted for in Redwood.

Maths Mastery

During our maths lesson today no one was able to solve the mastery question in the time we had left- although you were very close!

I’ve posted it below for you to have another look, anyone that brings in written evidence of your answer and how you worked it out will receive 20 dojos.