Writing for anti-bullying week in year 6

In year 6 this week, we have been writing an engaging narrative for anti-bullying week. We have been using the stimulus ‘Wing’ from Literacy Shed to retell the story of a creature who is bullied by a group of crows. Feeling isolated, Wing tries to change the way he is to fit in – this doesn’t work. Luckily, he finds a creature similar to himself, becomes friends with her and flies away – escaping the torment of the crows! The children spent time creating an emotion graph, planning, writing and then editing their stories.


See some examples of our stories over the next few weeks on display in the corridor by the office. Well done year 6 on some wonderful writing!


Writer of the Week – Redwood 8th Nov 2018

This week in Redwood, we have been writing about a video stimulus to represent the Mexican festival ‘Dia De Muertos’. The children used varied openers, topic-specific vocabulary and figurative language.

Well done to Thomas who produced a detailed diary entry from the viewpoint of the young girl in the video.


Coding in year 6!

The children have been spending time using the ‘Code for Life’ website to create sequences and algorithms to move a car to reach a destination. The children have been using the ‘repeat…while’ command along with other exciting instructions. Please ask your children about their enjoyment of coding in year 6!

Memorable experience – Hola Mexico!

This week in Redwood, we started our new topic of Hola Mexico! We introduced the topic by creating our own Chichen Itza temple out of newspaper and cardboard. The children worked very well in their groups. Well done, year 6! I hope you enjoy the topic!

Class assembly – October 2018






Year 6 completed their class assembly based on their Cornerstones topic ‘Revolution’ in October. The children had spent a lot of time learning their lines and singing their song ‘Food Glorious Food’. Well done year 6… here’s to another great topic with Hola Mexico in Autumn 2!!!

Writer of the week – 28th June 2018

This week in year 6, alongside preparing for our end of year performance, the children have started their science topic of ‘Light’. The children had to prepare an aim, carry out an investigation and conclude their results.

The writer of the week goes to Rhys for preparing a detailed report. Well done, Rhys!


Year 6 final SATs booster group – May 11th 2018

Today was the final afternoon booster session for Year 6 children before their SATs begin on Monday. The children had to work in class teams to pop the balloons and answer the grammar questions hidden inside. The winning team was Rowan with 37 correct answers out of 50. Sadly, Redwood came second with 35 correct answers. Both teams showed amazing team work and are as ready as they can be for their tests.

Good luck to all year 6 children. You are as ready as you can be for your tests and we are very proud of you all.


From Miss Cope and Miss Smith 🙂