German Day 2021

Here are some activities we completed from our German Day. We read ‘Red Riding Hood’ in German then had to work out the German vocabulary in English. Next, we created our villians based on the statements.

Our quiz winners were Jamie and Eddie who got 9/20 right on the German Fairy Tale quiz! Well done, boys!

Science day!

This morning, we completed our sports day – a big thank you to Miss Lindsay for running this!

This afternoon in Year 6, we worked in partners to create our own animals and chose how they adapted to their environment. We really enjoyed the videos and loved reading the book called ‘Creature Features’.

Thank you to Miss Jennings for planning a great afternoon for us!

Today’s learning – 17/6/21

Reading – complete 30 minutes of Read Theory or Lexia

Cultural day!

We are looking at two religions as part of Cultural Day: Christianity and Hinduism. Take a look at the following powerpoints and complete the activities.

Transition: we are completing more research in to our schools for secondary. Explore the school website you are going to and make notes about what you think is different to primary and what is similar.

Today’s learning – 8/6/201

Reading: complete 30 mins of Lexia or Read Theory (login in your diary)

We had muddy adventures all morning so complete some maths times table practice and also write a description about the picture below:

Science: We started to look at food chains. Have a go at arranging the attached images in a food chain. You always start with a producer (a plant that creates it’s energy from Sunlight). Finished? Make up some of your own.

Today’s learning – 7/6/2021

Reading / English lesson: Complete an hour of Lexia or Read Theory (login is in your reading diary).

Maths: Do 30 mins of Times Table Rockstars practice and then we looked at the relationship between cubes and their faces. Use the powerpoint to help you and the interactive cube:

German: Complete one of the tasks on the below website:

Week 7 homework

All tasks set can be completed on paper and uploaded on to Seesaw:

Spellings for the next few weeks will be revising a variety of key patterns:

February cemetery dilemma worthwhile straighten illuminate opportunity approximately foreign noticeable maintenance miniature precious availability attempt across traditionally internal signature friendly


Maths (complete a minimum of 8):

Maths challenge: