Week 7 homework

All tasks set can be completed on paper and uploaded on to Seesaw:

Spellings for the next few weeks will be revising a variety of key patterns:

February cemetery dilemma worthwhile straighten illuminate opportunity approximately foreign noticeable maintenance miniature precious availability attempt across traditionally internal signature friendly


Maths (complete a minimum of 8):

Maths challenge:

Today’s learning – 10/5/2021

Reading – 30 mins of Lexia or Read Theory

Grammar – complete the attached paper and mark answers

Maths: practise your arithmetic skills

Foundation: we are working on scratch to create our own quiza based on the heart. If you cannot set up a free login, have a go at Code for Life (login in your reading diary) or see if you can use another software to create your quiz:



Today’s learning – 10/5/21

Reading – 30 minutes of Lexia or Read Theory (log in is in your diary for Read Theory).

English: we are spending the lesson focusing on Grammar. Complete the attached paper and mark your answers:

Maths: we are continuing to practise our arithmetic ready for our final assessments. Complete the attached paper:

German: have a go at one of the activities from the link below:


Today’s learning 7/5/2021 – NSPCC Number Day!

Today we are having a number focus day! Have a look at the NSPCC powerpoint below to see why we celebrate Number Day:

We are starting the day reading the book called ‘Fractions In Disguise’ – give it a read and write a summary of the text:

We then will be working our way through the activities on the attached powerpoints. Have a go at as many as you can! Don’t forget to post on Seesaw!

Today’s learning – 6/5/2021

Reading: we read chapter 19 of Pig-Heart Boy. Have a go at 30 minutes of Read Theory (login is in your diary).

English: we will be finishing off our newspaper reports. Focus on your speech section: who will speak? What will they say? Write your speech paragraphs by focusing on direct and reported speech. Unsure what they mean? Watch the video below to help:

Maths: complete the attached arithmetic then complete tasks on Times Table Rockstars:


Today in RE we are looking at Hindu beliefs and how people are able to achieve this belief.

Have a think about the examples below and come up with some of your own. Use the slides from the powerpoint to help you:

Today’s learning – 5/5/2021

Reading – we read chapter 18 of Pig-Heart Boy. Complete 30 mins of Read Theory (login is in your reading record).


We started to write our newspaper report. Write your 5ws (who, what, where, when, why) into a paragraph remembering what you planned your report about yesterday.


complete the attached arithmetic:


In Science, we looked at a hypothesis (prediction) about the link between heart rate and breathing rate. Have a look to see what you think then create your own Science experiment considering the attached points and carry out your experiment at home: