Writer of the Week goes to Freddie for a detailed conclusion about inheritance in humans and animals. See above for his precise data collection – presented in a bar chart.

Investigating like a Scientist…

Today in Science, year 6 acted like scientists and investigated the various finches found on the Galapagos Islands (as discovered by Darwin in the 1800’s). The children worked in groups and used their map reading skills to determine the location of various species of Finch.


The WOTW goes to Harry this week for a detailed, effective setting description.

Read below for an extract:

The drawbridge started to open: it fell. My brother began running behind the fearless soldiers – we were running as fast as we could. It was dull so it was hard to see anything.

Memorable experience – A Child’s War

The children enjoyed their memorable experience this afternoon linked to their Spring 1 topic ‘A Child’s War’.
They were treated to an in-house cinema experience where they had to present their ticket and use their food coupon to receive popcorn. They watched ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ – a story set during WW2 in which we see the experiences that children faced during the war.
Why not ask your child about their memorable experience and how it has helped support their understanding of the war already?