Redwood Writer of the Week – 14/12/18

The writer of the week this week in year 6 goes to Amelia for an amazing non-chronological report about pandas! Here is an extract of her work:



Have you ever wondered how pandas protect themselves? Or perhaps what they eat? In this report, you will find out lots of interesting facts about these adorable, self-sufficient creatures!


These irresistible creatures are found in the remote, mountainous regions of central China. Also, they are mostly found in the pitch-black and damp forests – bamboo grows easier in these types of locations as the ground is damp.

Well done, Amelia!

Winter Art Day in Redwood

This week in year 6 we have focused our writing and art work around the theme of ‘seasons’ – winter in particular.

In English, we had watched a video of the poem “The Dreadful Menace” and planned then completed our writing around the poem (see above). For art, we used the theme of winter to create a winter scene using silhouettes of trees and paint. The children had a wonderful day and were aspirational in the clean-up! Thank you, year 6!