Memorable Experience- Rowan

Today Rowan were able to complete their memorable experience of a sheep’s heart dissection! We investigated each side of the heart and compared it’s size, then made two incisions to see inside the atrium and ventricles. We even poured water into each of the veins and arteries to investigate whether they took blood to the heart (veins) or away (arteries). As we had cut the side of the heart open we could see the water flowing out!


Memorable Experience in Redwood – heart dissection! 19.4.18

In Redwood today, we finally managed to dissect hearts! We worked in groups of 3 or 4 and identified the features of the heart that we had been looking at so far this half term.

We then spent some time dissecting the heart using scissors and sharing what we could see. Some of us even put our fingers inside the aorta!

We had a great time and wrote detailed recounts about the experience as part of our literacy writing.


Year 6 create models of hearts for their new topic this term – 17.4.18

As part of their new topic, Year 6 spent the day learning about the human heart including the main features, the role of the heart in the body and how it pumps blood around the body.

The children managed to sketch their own designs of a 3D heart and then spent the rest of the afternoon creating their own models. The children were really engaged and enjoyed their afternoon… next up – heart dissection!