Week 3 homework

Hello Year 6!

  • Here is your homework for this week. We will set it on a Friday and it is due in by the following Friday.
  • You will have a grammar task and a maths task to complete.
  • Download the sheets below to complete. You can complete your homework on paper or by printing the sheets and writing on them.
  • Submit your work on Seesaw, using the Seesaw code that is stuck into your Reading Records.
  • You can also bring your completed homework into school to show your teacher.


  Assistant tolerant hesitant expectant substantial programme profession pronunciation queue recognise recommend relevant

English – complete the sheet with two ** on – challenge is the sheet with three *** on the bottom:

Maths complete columns 1 and 2:

Challenge – complete third column

5 comments on “Week 3 homework

  • The maths work doesn’t make sense. it’s missing information about what you need to do.

    • L Cope says:

      Each question is linked to finding fractions of amounts we have completed the teaching for this task today

  • Mrs Cummings says:

    Sorry Miss Cope, but we are also struggling to understand the questions as there appear to be no fractional amounts mentioned in them.
    Sophie understands what she’s supposed to do, but there are no figures to use to calculate the answers.
    Mrs Cummings

    • L Cope says:

      I will ask Miss Caldwell to post via Seesaw as for some reason this has been a problem for a few accessing the document whereas it works when I open it – very strange!

      • Mrs Cummings says:

        Thank you Miss Cope! Sophie got a paper copy from Mrs Dockerill today, thank you again, Mrs Cummings


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