Pen licences in year 6!

This week in year 6 we have been giving out pen licences! Megan, Phoebe, Willow and Averie are the first ones to earn their pen licences based on their consistently, joined, neat handwriting! I look forward to handing out more pen licences over the next few weeks!

Peer-led Computing

Friday in year 6, I gave Freddie and Alex the opportunity to show off their amazing Computing skills by teaching the class how to use transitions on Keynote. The boys really grasped the challenge and enjoyed leading the lesson. I am looking forward to giving the children in year 6 more opportunities to showcase their skills in class.

Writer of the Week

Welcome back year 6! The WOW goes to Freddie for a detailed letter home from the main character of our new topic book ‘Holes’ detailing his feelings and experiences of the camp he has been sent to as a punishment.

Well done, Freddie.

Here is an extract:

Hey, how ya doin’? Hope you are ok. It already feels like I’ve been here for weeks! How am I going to survive here for 18 months?

Once I got off that dreaded bus, my hands slowly began to sweat from the blistering heat of the bus. I was incredibly bored sitting down, staring into space for four whole hours.