Maths in action! Solving the nth term… 29th Jan 2018

This week in Redwood, we have been working out algebraic expressions involving the nth term. We worked in groups to solve problems and to work out sequencing equations with the help of our team. Successfully, we worked out an expression to represent the number of matchsticks needed to create various numbers of squares. An enjoyable morning.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service visit – year 6

Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in a workshop regarding online safety and cyber bullying. The children discussed what is/is not appropriate to share online and what they should do if they are worried or upset by anything they see online. The children were extremely respectful and took part sensibly, asking  sensible and intriguing questions. Thank you also to our guests!


Writer of the Week – 10th January 2018

This week in year 6, we have been writing a diary entry based on a character called Jemmy Button who was taken from his native home near Chile by explorers. The children have spent the last two days writing, putting themselves in the position of the character, Jemmy.

The writer of the week in Redwood goes to Shashank for a punctuation-fuelled diary. Well done, Shashank!

Darwin’s Delights

The start of a new term marks the start of a new topic in Year 6!

Wednesday we were sent a very important letter from Scientists at the Darwin Centre, along with a range of equipment to help them find Darwin’s lost experiments.

We were left to decide how to complete the investigations independently and discovered ourselves about adaptation and how animals have evolved over time. We thought about our own hypothesis and was able to a range of scientific vocabulary to do so!

A great start to the Spring term!


Welcome back, Redwood!

As part of our new topic this term called ‘Darwin’s Delights’, Redwood spent the afternoon acting as Scientists investigating the beaks of various Finches originating from the Galapagos Islands. The children worked in groups to explore the species, making predictions and drawing conclusions. A wonderful first day back, year 6!