Science – the Circulatory System



In Science this term we have been learning about the human body. Last week, we learnt about the importance of the lungs and the heart in the circulatory system. We carried out our own investigation to find out the relationship between exercise and breathing rate, and found that after exercising our breathing rate was much higher. But why was that? Do you know?

The picture above is of us running on the spot as fast as we could. We thoroughly enjoyed it, even if downstairs thought there was a herd of elephants upstairs!

FLASHBACK.. to Christmas baking.

Before Christmas, as Redwood’s class treat, we decided to bake biscuits. We made all sorts of shapes including reindeer, snowmen and stars and had so much fun! There was also an awful lot of flour and mess to clean up afterwards but the biscuits tasted really great. Next stop: Great British Bakeoff!


Here are some photos of us baking the biscuits:


IMG_3368 IMG_3367 IMG_3366 IMG_3365 IMG_3364 IMG_3363 IMG_3362 IMG_3361 IMG_3360 IMG_3359 IMG_3358 IMG_3357 IMG_3356 IMG_3355 IMG_3354 IMG_3353 image image

Bananas and Ninjas!

screen-shot-2012-01-15-at-9-32-43-pm gamepreview98_500

Hello Year 6,

Here are those maths games I showed you in case you want to play at home.

This alien angles game is great too!

Then if you are confident in your ability to estimate (and in your knowledge of acute, obtuse and reflex angles) then you will find this protractor activity really easy!

If you have a tablet at home, maybe you can download the app we used today to keep testing your knowledge and understanding of measurement…

Achieve 100 Mathematics revision app

Let me know how you get on.

Mr P

Test Drive!

Before Christmas, Rowan had the chance to test drive their electronic buggies!

We then were able to evaluate what was good about our designs and what we’d improve if we had the chance to make them again.

img_3595 img_3599 img_3606 img_3614