Friday’s learning – 1/5/20



Complete questions from the three links below (complete 5 from each – only a max of 15 allowed on the website) then have a go at the extra questions below on paper:

Maths: Complete lesson 5 week 2 from White Rose:

Complete paper 10, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Planning a balanced diet! What is a balanced diet? Why do we need to have a balanced diet to keep our hearts and bodies healthy? Watch the videos and then have a go at planning and drawing a menu for Monday-Sunday! Don’t forget to upload your menus to Seesaw! Note: Over the next two weeks, start collecting food packaging and keep somewhere safe (and out of the way) as we will be looking at these in more detail in week 4 in DT.

Thursday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

So many again…

Alex – amazing 40/40 on your arithmetic paper – you should be very proud of yourself

Jake – I love the heart poem – you have included lots of scientific facts too!

Megan P – lovely to see that you have been keeping up with some maths and great spelling work on spelling shed. I love the timetable of your day!

Johnny – I am really impressed with all the work that you have been doing: German, Maths, writing, spelling

Harry R – great to see some of your writing – keep up the hard work

Freya – you’ve come up with some great for and against argument for heart transplants. Also a great score on your arithmetic.

Aaron – you’ve been doing lots of maths – well done

Maja – a great 38/40 on your arithmetic – all that daily practice is paying off

Chloe M – so nice to see that you have been completing some reading work. I look forward to seeing more

Sonny – some good ideas for heart transplants

Barney – you are getting consistently high arithmetic scores – you should be very pleased at this. Also its great to see that you are keeping up with your other subjects too

Tony – well done for keeping up with your daily grammar and you have put lots of derail into your reading answers

Mark – nice to see you have been doing some reading too, as well as your daily maths

Frankie –  I like the formal letter about the bad pizza – I hope you get your refund! The heart sketch is great!

Megan K – great job on the reading questions and completing your daily maths and grammar!

Daniel – I hope you have been keeping track of your daily arithmetic scores. Have you been improving?

Edward – well done for doing your modal verb practice and I like how you videoed some of your reading answers – very creative

Harry B – It’s nice to see that you are learning more about angle and I love that you are making a cake! I hope it tastes good!

Alice – great work on the reading practice and I love the colouring – the flowers look very realistic

Cohen – I had no idea about some of those animals in German – my favourite is the bald eagle

Averie – I think it’s great that you are learning about a different part of history – I bet you have learnt loads about the peasant’s revolt

Noah – It’s great to see that you have been learning in so many different areas: Maths, German, Reading, research, writing. I also love you creativity with the guess who quiz!

Mark – I’m glad you found code for life fun but challenging. I definitely find it challenging too and have to use lots of the hints to help me!

Xav  – another high arithmetic score and I am so impressed with your SPaG score of 23/25!

Thursday’s learning – 30/4/20


Have a go at one of the writing challenges on the below website. It is free to join but check with an adult first!



Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Complete lesson 4 week 2:

Complete paper 9 check answers and post on Seesaw:


Access the code for life website at the above link. You should either have your school login with you or ask your adult to register free for you as long as they do not mind! Start from the level you got up to last week. Work through the levels of rapid router collecting points as you go…

Wednesday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

This is the most amount of seesaw shout-outs we have had so far in Year 6! Please keep posting your work as we love seeing all the amazing learning you have been doing!

Austin – I love the facts about the Saxon times – I wonder whether you would have liked to live then…

Alex – very organised notes to help you think about heart transplants. I really like that you are keeping on going with your maths – well done!

Freya – well done for completing some maths today – don’t worry if it wasn’t the right one! Every bit counts!

Sonny – you heart diagram has so much detail in it and a great set of facts to go with it. I love that you are learning a bit of Chinese too!

Morgan – I love the notes you have made about the heart

Daniel – you have made some very good points in your writing – well done. I am pleased that you are keeping up with your daily maths too

Maja – another day, another arithmetic. I hope your scores are improving? Maybe you could show your progress on Seesaw…

Frankie – great scores on your English quiz 7/8 and 9/9. Also, I loved the video of your arithmetic paper with a  brilliant score of 43/44

Edward – I am pleased that you are continuing to practice grammar every day

Mark – I hope you didn’t eat all 5 cupcakes in one go! I would love to see more photos of things that you will make. Miss Cope will also be very pleased that you watched her video – I found it hard to watch too!

Jake – you’ve used some great fronted adverbials in your non chronological report including ‘also’ and ‘last but not least’. Also love the lego heart!

Tayah – a great score of 8/8 at the start of your English learning and 8/9 at the end!

Emmanuella – You have used lots of great fronted adverbials in your balanced argument

Elif – such detail with your brain sketch and it’s great that you have been learning some French

Cohen – you have used  range of model verbs in your writing including ‘might’ and ‘could’ – well done

Averie – you have made some very clear points for each side with some well explained reasons

Tommy – great to see some maths from you

Barney – amazing 40/40 on your arithmetic! You should be so proud of yourself!

Megan K – you’ve used a range of modal verbs and fronted adverbials including ‘may’, ‘can’ and ‘on the other hand’

Tony – keep up the practice of your grammar and maths every day – it all helps!

Harry B – I am really impressed with all the angles work you have been completing

Jesse – You have put in so much detail for each point of your argument – it is a very clear and well written piece of work – you should be proud

Xav – another great maths score 39/40 and a well written argument. I think your summary makes a good point that it is a person’s choice.

Seesaw Reminder!

Just a recap of how you can share your work on Seesaw:

  1. Download ‘Seesaw Class’ app on a tablet or phone.
  2. Select ‘I am a Student’
  3. Scan the QR code

To post a picture of your work:

  1. Select the green plus at the top of the page
  2. Select ‘Photo’
  3. Take a photo of whatever you want to share with us and then select the green tick
  4. Choose which class you are in and then the green tick again

Things you should know:

  1. We have made this secure so no-one else can access your work or pictures.
  2. You will not be able to see other children’s work and others cannot see your work.
  3. Because it is secure, you will not be able to see your work once you’ve submitted it BUT don’t worry, we will still be able to see it but PLEASE make sure you add your first name

Wednesday’s Learning – 29/4/20


Have a look at some of your ideas for and against heart transplants. If you couldn’t find or think of any, here are some of the points I found:

For: saves lives, developments in science

Against: danger of operation, religious beliefs, ethical issues (causing harm/damage to others)

Use these points to develop your argument for each area: think about rhetorical questions, emotive formal language (no contractions such as can’t won’t) and modal verbs (should, would, may, might). Use the WAGOLL example at the bottom of this post – we look forward to reading your balanced arguments on Seesaw.


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Complete lesson 3 week 2:

Complete arithmetic paper 8, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Watch the virtual assembly here linked to the above question:

A very virtual memorable experience! Pig heart dissection…

Hi year 6!

I have been very excited this week to share a special video for you all. I know so many of you wanted to dissect a pig’s heart as part of your memorable experience for the Blood Heart topic but sadly we have been unable to do this…. BUT! I decided I would do it for you and share my experience!

NOTE: children you MUST get permission from an adult at home before you watch the video as I want to make sure your adults are happy for you to view it due to its content.

Post the answers to the questions I ask on the Seesaw page but the main thing is.. enjoy watching 🙂

Miss Cope

Tuesday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Xav – I really like the colourful German poster and a fabulous 38/40 on your arithmetic

Tony – You’ve included lots of interesting facts about the heart in your poem.

Jake – You have been busy with Maths, notes about the circulatory system and learning some French!

Freya –  you seem to be doing really well on your maths – well done! I really enjoyed reading your poem too; it’s full of great vocabulary

Maja – busy as ever with your learning! I love the creativity with the paper plane maths experiment

Barney – good scores on your grammar –  keep working hard to see if you can improve. 39/40 on your maths is amazing!

Tayah – I am very impressed with you learning some Spanish! I can’t wait to hear you speak it!

Cohen – I love the video – you speak with such a clear voice!

Averie – I like that you have shown all your workings out!

Austin – some good points for and against heart transplants

Daniel – You are doing so much maths every day – keep it up!

Harry B – some good notes for your balanced argument, and nice joined up handwriting

Edward – daily grammar practice – well done

Jesse – you must have done some very accurate counting of your heart rate. Yours certainly went up significantly after exercise

Megan K – you’ve come up with loads of different arguments for and against heart transplants. I can’t wait to see what your final product will look like.