Writer of the week- Rowan

Well done to Felicity for returning to school after the Christmas Holidays with a fantastic attitude towards her work. This week we focused on a setting description of a war scene, using a video on Literacy Shed. See below an extract of Felicity’s work, notice the fantastic vocabulary choices for effect:

Surrounding me, men drop to the floor; it was as if they got weaker by the second. Fear paraded in the air, casting spells and weakening their will to try. The thought of disappointment spiraled in their heads as they dropped to the floor, breathing their last breath, blinking their last blink… Explosions pounced from left to right- completely unpredictable.  Twenty, thirty, fourty, fifty people down..

Hola Mexico!

This week Rowan started their new topic: Hola Mexico!

We worked in team to create the Mayan structure ‘Chichen Itza’. Throughout this topic we shall be learning about the ancient civilization of the Mayan people and the cultures of Mexico. We can’t wait!


Well done Year 6!!!!

A huge ‘well done’ to all of our Year 6 children who completed their SATs papers this week. This pictures shows the delight they all felt after finishing their final paper (we threw scrap paper, don’t worry!)

We are all extremely proud of your hard work and positive attitude.

Miss Smith & Miss Cope 🙂


Memorable Experience- Rowan

Today Rowan were able to complete their memorable experience of a sheep’s heart dissection! We investigated each side of the heart and compared it’s size, then made two incisions to see inside the atrium and ventricles. We even poured water into each of the veins and arteries to investigate whether they took blood to the heart (veins) or away (arteries). As we had cut the side of the heart open we could see the water flowing out!


Maths Mastery

During our maths lesson today no one was able to solve the mastery question in the time we had left- although you were very close!

I’ve posted it below for you to have another look, anyone that brings in written evidence of your answer and how you worked it out will receive 20 dojos.