Bridge Challenge!

In Redwood we completed the bridge challenge set by Mrs Page and Miss Little.

We had 10 x sheets of A4 paper and some sticky tape to build the strongest bridge possible to join two chairs (20cm apart).

IMG_2796 IMG_2799 IMG_2793

The winning team was the Squirrels! Whose bridge could carry a whopping 8.71kg!

3/4 of the groups showed great resilience and team work in the face of challenge. We also improved our social and problem solving skills.

Forensic Detectives

As part of our work in Science week, Miss Jennings kindly organised a forensic investigation using: magnifying glasses, fingerprints, tweezers and lots of clues from a crime scene to crack the crime! We all had lots of fun and learnt a lot about forensic science. It also taught us about the links between various occupations and science.


IMG_0047 IMG_0054

Pizza Making

As part of Science & Technology week, we made our own Pizzas in Redwood against a design brief and specification. We created a product design, wrote up the process and then evaluated the project. The consensus: it was yummy!


IMG_0461 IMG_0454 IMG_0445

Geocaching @ Great Notley Country Park

Year 6 were lucky enough to visit Great Notley Country Park for some survival skill training and geocaching! The reason for our visit was to extend our knowledge of maps and orienteering relating to our Geography topic.

Alfie C: “It was really fun, enjoyable and really muddy!”




Yesterday, Rowan class were let loose in our food technology room to make pizzas! Beforehand, they had to work in groups to research and design their creation. Then, they got to make the base by adding warm water to yeast and flour, which required kneading and rolling into shape. Next, they had to add their toppings and bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, they had to evaluate their outcome by answering some questions. They all worked very hard and enjoyed their well-earned treat at the end!

IMG_2405 IMG_2412 IMG_2414 IMG_2418 IMG_2422 IMG_2429 IMG_2434



World Book Day!

We had such a fun day on Thursday celebrating World Book Day! We wrote setting descriptions, made silhouette pictures, Middle Earth maps and wrote secret elvish messages!

We also dressed up as Middle Earth characters from The Hobbit, as we are currently reading this in Literacy.


Geocaching at Great Notley!

Year 6 had a fantastic day exploring Great Notley Country Park. We got to take part in Geocaching, which involved us using GPS trackers to find items around the park. As well, we also got to learn some survival  skills including making a den and learning how to light a fire! It was a great day and helped us learn new skills for Geography, Computing and P.E.

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