Make £5 Grow in Rowan update!

So far, 4 teams have worked hard on their business ventures and successfully sold their products for a profit!

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This week, 2 more teams are working hard on their business ideas – look out for the posters advertised around the school!

Art Day in Rowan and Ash!

The Year 3 and Year 6 children in Ash and Rowan worked together on a ‘Photography in Nature’ project!

They learnt about what makes effective photography, what nature they could photograph and how to edit photographs once you’ve taken them. Both year groups worked incredibly hard to produce some outstanding work.

IMG_2853 IMG_2854 IMG_2855 IMG_2859 IMG_2861 IMG_2863 IMG_2864 IMG_2865

Make £5 Grow: Less Stress for you

If you feel stressed out come to our stall. We are selling emoji stress balls Ninja ones and also 2016 euro ones so come get your own one on the Monday the 11th of July to the 15th of July. They will be a pound each and if your stress ball pops, unfortunately you’ll have to buy another one! Please keep your stress ball at home for home time! We will be selling them on the playground if it’s sunny but if it’s wet it will be in the hall at break time but, on Wednesday and Thursday it will be at lunch and break.

LIKE this post if you think you’ll visit us!

Bobby, Harrison, Mo, Yas & Kain

Make £5 Grow: Cockatoo Bakery!

Get our amazing cake at break and lunch time to make your own sponge design with many toppings such as chocolate and mini-marshmallows!

10/10 Epic Cake

Plain Sponge Cake 40p

Decorations 60p

Alfie C, Philip, Harry & Eddie from Redwood

Making £5 Grow: KAM Catering

Come and find our stall on the penultimate week of term! We will be on the playground if it is dry or in the hall if it is raining. We will be selling:

  • Biscuits 20p
  • Iced Biscuits 30p
  • Brownies 30p

YUM YUM! Raffle tickets will be 20p to win a top secret prize!

Kayli & Ally from Redwood