Dodgeball Tournament


Louis and Bobby-Lee reporting:

When we arrived we did a short warm up around the hall before we were put into groups.In our first game we got off to a good start.We continued are good form and won all of our games in our group and shortly entered the quarter finals.We were up against a good side but we fairly won the game. Which entered us into the semi finals. At this moment everyone in our side was frightened that we were going to lose but we played to our full potential and won. Everyone was so excited that we  had come so far to get into the finals. Unfortunately, we were beaten by a very strong side, it was a very tight game and it went down to sudden death and down to the last players on the court but we tried our very hardest.




Pirate Poetry!

Well, it has been a busy start to the half term for Rowan class!

This week in Literacy, we have been performing and writing our own ‘Pirate Poetry’, inspired by our work on the classic text Treasure Island. We have been all over the school, sharing our poetry. We visited Year 1, Mr Poyton and even shared our work with Redwood. Here are some examples of fantastic writing to share with you and some photos of the wonderful performers in action!

A Pirate’s Life

Have you ever been a sailin’

Past the magical sea?

The enemies they be ailin’

That went to fight with me.


Searching my sea for plunder

You would try to run from me

Guns tried to thunder

When they attempt to flee.


We prey upon unlucky fools

Who crossed my path at sea

Daily job is stealing jewels

Their owners are me me me.


Until they catch and hang me

From wooden structures a tree

My last words are yo ho me matey

It’s a pirate’s life for me.

By Louis and Miles


A Pirate’s Life

Have you ever been a sailin’

Across the shimmering sea?

Hanging over the railing

While the greenhorn’s follow me.


Searching my sea for treasure

They all stare at me.

I treat my mates with pleasure

As I spot a golden key.


As I polish my precious jewels

The scallywags wave goodbye.

I already spoke my rules

And now they want me to die.


Until they catch an hang me

From the brutal gallows tree.

I get scared while they get lively.

But I’ve still got my golden key!



A Pirate’s Life

Have you ever been a sailin’

Across shadowy seas?

The amateurs be ailin’

When we find the black keys.


Searchin’ my sea for plunder

When ships try to escape me.

Just hear my old ships thunder

As they rumbled the sea.


We pray upon unlucky fools

Who slowly die at sea.

We steal the shiny jewels

While the other ships flee.


Until they catch and hang me

From the yonder gallows trees.

I say yo ho me fellow mateys

At least we found the black keys!

Fletcher and Owen


The Homesick Pirate

There was a homesick pirate

His name was Bobby Dunn

The room was very quiet

He wanted to have some fun.


He made a very silly wish

It was his dream come true

He wanted to watch the fish

In the ocean blue.


He clambered on the ship deck

To go and meet his crew

They were as ugly as Shrek

If you were here, would you?


There’s beetles on top deck

The rats live underneath

He always wanted to go check

The fish in the barrier reef.

Lily and Mia

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