Debating in Year 6!

This week in Literacy we have been writing a discursive text, discussing the question ‘Was life all bad for children in the past?’. Before we started writing, we had to research facts for and against before turning them into arguments for our debate.


Building circuits in Science!

Today in Science, Rowan learnt about series and parallel circuits and had the challenge of building their own using the equipment. They also had the challenge of building circuits using different components such as motors, switches and buzzers.


Can you spot which is a series circuit and which is parallel circuit?

img_3014 img_3016

Wants VS Needs



In year 6 this week, we have been looking at the difference between wants and needs. Although some of us thought iphones were a ‘need’, we soon discovered that needs are things we need to live and survive.

What things do you need? What about what you want?

Freeze frames in R.E.

Over the last two weeks, Rowan have been working on creating freeze frames in R.E. These freeze frames were created with Buddha’s life story in mind and his realisation about suffering in the world. We discussed examples of suffering in the world and what humans do to try and prevent suffering.

Here are some examples:

img_2981 img_2982 img_2983 img_2984 img_2986 img_2987 img_2988 img_2989 img_2990 img_2992 img_2993 img_2996 img_2999 img_3001

Redwood start the year off with a…bang? (Well a delightful display)

Redwood Tree Display

Redwood Tree Display

Redwood are very pleased to unveil their very first classroom display! On the first day of year 6, we researched about the Redwood tree and found out some very interesting facts. We also used photo graphs of Redwood trees to inspire some artwork using tissue paper. We twisted and scrunched red, brown, orange and green to create the final pieces.

Comment below to tell us what you think of our amazing work!


Rowan and Redwood have been working incredibly hard during their first week back. In Literacy, we have been looking at Street Child by Berlie Doherty, a story set in Victorian Britain. We have also started our topic work on the Victorians during History and Art lessons as well as our Science work on Electricity and R.E. work on Buddhism.

Year 6 – What are you looking forward to this year? Respond with your answers below!