Year 5 & 6 Great Baddow Football Tournament


Hey this is Alex, Harrison & Bobby-Lee from Redwood class posting about our recent football tournament at Great Baddow.

We got chosen for the team as we always attend training every Tuesday after school with Miss Lindsay. We train hard to prepare for games and work as a team.

There was only 8 minutes per game and we won every single match.


Bobby Lee – 1

Bobby  – 1

Reece  – 2

Fletcher – 2

Callum  – 1

Also a special mention for Harrison who was in goal for every match and did not let in a single goal during the matches!



Colne Valley Railway Trip

On Thursday 8th October,we visited Colne Valley Railway to fit in with our history topic on the Victorians. Dressed in our best Victorian attire, we got to watch a Punch and Judy show, visit an authentic Victorian classroom and we were even graced with the presence of her royal highness Queen Victoria on the steam train. We also had the opportunity to explore the railway and had a few interactive talks from some specialists from local museums who had come to visit for the special ‘Victorian’ themed day.

So Redwood and Rowan Class:

What was your favourite part of the trip? Why?

What did you learn whilst on the trip?

What do you think the benefits of trips such as these are?

If we were to visit again, where would you like to spend more time?

Do you have any top tips for pupils in the future who may wish to also dress up as Victorians?

Miss Giles


Problem Solving in Redwood Maths Set

You have four jugs of 9, 7, 4 and 2 litres capacity. The 9 litre jug is full of wine, the others are empty.
Can you divide the wine into three equal quantities?
Can you do it in different ways?

You have three jugs one of which is full and holds 8 litres. The capacity of other jugs is not known. But, it is known that when using them every whole number quantity from 1 litre to 8 litres can be accurately measured out.
What could be the capacities of the 2 other jugs?
How would you measure all the whole number quantities from 1 to 8 litres?

Redwood William Morris Inspired Printing

On a Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Archer graces us with her wonderful creative presence! This week we made our own print designs based on the artist William Morris, a Victorian designer that we have been learning about in Art.

We used polystyrene tiles, poster paints and thin paint brushes to create our designs.

What do you think of our designs?

What have you learnt so far about William Morris?

Do you have a favourite design?

IMG_2334 (1)IMG_2336



Redwood Class Building Parallel & Series Circuits

Our topic this term is electricity and in year 6 we have been problem solving by building our own series and parallel circuits. Some children even managed to make their own switches by using their knowledge of conductors and insulators and a number of ordinary items from around the classroom.

Here are some questions for next lesson…

What conductors of electricity do you know?

What is the difference between a series and parallel circuit?


Feedback on the new school :)

Miss Jennings and I have been debating what the best part of the new school is. CLEARLY I think the Orchard Room is the best room as it gives as opportunity to teach food technology in a lovely, spacious environment. However Miss Jennings thinks that the hall is the best place because it has a funky removable wall and it’s close to the music studio.

Please post what your FAVOURITE part of the new school is – we’d love to hear your ideas!

Miss Giles

Redwood & Rowan First Post

Welcome to the first ever YEAR 6 blog post. This is almost as exciting as when man first landed on the moon. Almost. We will be using this blog to share our excellent learning and sparkling personalities with a global audience, as well as our Lawford Mead family.

This is also a great place for us to share homework activities, extra learning ideas and a gallery of all our fantastic work. We can’t wait to see all your posts and comments!

Miss Giles & Miss Jennings