Year 6 blog

Year 6 are not using their blog at the moment. They have moved back to paper for homework. Keep an eye on the website’s Highlights page and the school Twitter page for photos of events and activities in school.

Bananas and Ninjas!

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Hello Year 6,

Here are those maths games I showed you in case you want to play at home.

This alien angles game is great too!

Then if you are confident in your ability to estimate (and in your knowledge of acute, obtuse and reflex angles) then you will find this protractor activity really easy!

If you have a tablet at home, maybe you can download the app we used today to keep testing your knowledge and understanding of measurement…

Achieve 100 Mathematics revision app

Let me know how you get on.

Mr P

Dodgeball Tournament


Louis and Bobby-Lee reporting:

When we arrived we did a short warm up around the hall before we were put into groups.In our first game we got off to a good start.We continued are good form and won all of our games in our group and shortly entered the quarter finals.We were up against a good side but we fairly won the game. Which entered us into the semi finals. At this moment everyone in our side was frightened that we were going to lose but we played to our full potential and won. Everyone was so excited that we  had come so far to get into the finals. Unfortunately, we were beaten by a very strong side, it was a very tight game and it went down to sudden death and down to the last players on the court but we tried our very hardest.