Tuesday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

There have been some beautiful poems today- they have been a  joy to read.  
Phoebe-A beautiful poem. Lots of things to give you joy! Lots of maths work too.
Xav- I counted 10 claps!
Freya-Lots of ticks on your maths work. You are producing consistency pleasing work from home.
Christina- I love the art work, very effective! Great marks and a bit of German too.
Chloe M- Superb maths.
Frankie – A lovely poem and well done for making sure you edit your work. The bike rides are getting longer.
Alice- A splendid poem- I like the structure of the verses!
Austin- A clear mind-map;can you now turn it in a poem?
Cohen- An impressive poem and accurate maths work.
Averie-Amazing Averie- sound like this morning was very productive
Maja-Great- some online learning today.
Tony-Exploring the present perfect form today, I see!

Barney- A 10 km run. That is very impressive!! A terrific poem: lots of things to be grateful for.

We’ve also had a few pieces of work which have been unnamed. Make sure you write your name on every piece of work you upload!

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