Thursday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Once again it was great to see you on Zoom. Who knew that the most popular colour highlighter was yellow?

Stabilo Highligther Boss Orignal | Lazada Singapore

Chloe- An acrostic poem. Fantastic
Barney- All the white rose maths correct. (I think this was Wednesday) Well done. Lots of Literacy today. You consistently produce such pleasing work.
Christina- That is a long walk!! I am glad you enjoyed it. It was a good idea to get out early as it was cooler. Lots of work too.
Alex- I am glad you enjoyed the discussion task- it always helps if it is a topic you are interested in.
Freya and Harry- You have both really shown a real passion for learning… at home . Well done for demonstrating the school values. 
Maja – Full marks AGAIN!! AMAZING!
Austin – Great maths-revising decimals

Megan K- Yet another busy day. I spotted some coding today too.
Edward- Splendid grammar and some maths work as well.
Tony- Marvellous- some grammar work for you too. I like the video demonstrating the maths paper
Sonny- Full marks on the maths daily.
Cohen and Averie- We hope you enjoyed the quiz this morning. 
Elif- I thought the icing looked amazing- all part of the design.

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