Nice to see you, to see you nice!

Well year 6 we were overwhelmed to see TWENTY SEVEN of you join us teachers (not forgetting Miss Chittick) on Zoom earlier.

We hope we made you smile. We plan on hosting another meeting next week so watch this space for the date and time…

We want you to learn a new skill:we would like you to demonstrate this new skill at our next meeting. This time, we will email your adults the link directly in case some adults missed the blog posts. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you all again.

Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell, Mrs Dockerill and Miss Chittick

Pig-Heart Boy – Ch22-27

Here are the final chapters of the book! I do hope you have enjoyed listening to the story. Write a book review for me to share on Seesaw and I will upload for other children who haven’t managed to read yet… your review might just inspire them to listen 🙂 But don’t give away the ending!

Miss Cope

Reminder – zoom chat at 12

Hi year 6,

just a little reminder we have our zoom meeting set up and ready for 12pm today – we hope you can join us. Meeting ID – 479 710 7514

For how to access zoom, scroll back to previous posts.

‘See’ you soon!

Monday’s learning – 4/5/2020


We are going to research, plan and write a biography about a famous scientist called ‘William Harvey – he was the first person to correctly describe the blood’s circulation in the body. Use the following websites/videos to make notes using bullet points.

William Harvey’s early life, his family life, his career (his main theory about blood) and any awards he has been accredited with. Challenge: can you add your own subheading?

Note: remember internet safety when using online videos and check with an adult that the link is safe and appropriate for you to watch.


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Complete lesson one, check answers and upload to seesaw. Parents note: this is the final week that we will be using White Rose for home learning as they have paired up with BBC Bitesize so from next week, the maths learning will be provided through Bitesize:

Complete arithmetic paper 11, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Hallo liebe Kinder!

Have a watch of this video all about school life in Germany: What is the same about school in Germany compared to Lawford Mead? What is different about school in Germany compared to Lawford Mead? Have a go at creating a booklet, poster, grid or piece of writing to compare the two schools! Viel Spaß! Bis bald! (Have fun! Bye for now!)

In case you missed it…

479-710-7514 is the code you will need to join the zoom meeting we are hosting at 12pm (lunchtime). Look back to the post from Friday regarding the login details and information for your parents.

We are looking forward to catching up with you all today (Monday!)

Week 3 timetable and Home Learning pack 4/5/2020

We hope you had a restful weekend, year 6.

This is what your learning will look like for this week:

We have uploaded the Home Learning pack for week 3 for those of you who would prefer working through a document for the week (see previous posts regarding content of these packs).

Alongside this, please remember:

– keep reading daily – using your own book, audible or any reading material you come across including the chapters uploaded of Pig-Heart Boy. In addition, the following website offers some amazing reading materials for you football fanatics out there!

– Continue to practise spellings on Spelling Shed – weekly tasks are being set. Can you jump to the top of the leaderboard??

– keep on top of your times tables by using TTR or Hit the Button

Keep safe, Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell and Mrs Dockerill

Friday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Noah – How interesting that you mum brought home a model heart. It must be very helpful for your learning with our current topic.

Sonny – You’ve been busy: arithmetic, science, grammar, writing – we’re impressed. Well done for keeping up with everything!

Freya – you seem to be doing very well on your maths activities and full marks on your grammar – well done!

Johnny – I really like that you have been doing your own German learning!

Chloe M – You’ve for some really detailed answers for your reading

Tayah – full marks again on a maths quiz!

Charlie – I really like the last line of your poem which sums the heart up: “It gives us life.”

Frankie – we have been so impressed with all your work Frankie – your work ethic is amazing, even challenging yourself to complete your sister’s work!

Mark – good detail to your reading answers. I wonder if you ever made those brownies…

Maja – I am always so impressed with all the work that you complete daily – you should be very proud of yourself

Daniel – make sure you keep checking your answers as well for your arithmetic – it will make you feel good to know how well you are doing!

Edward – I am impressed with your total grammar scores for today!

Austin – I have learnt loads about the Saxons from all your notes – thank you!

Cohen – You have had a busy Friday and we are very pleased that you are looking forward to our zoom chat on Monday – we are too!

Averie – I love all the arty activities you can been completing today. Can you send a completed photo of your Disney rainbow?

Barney – another busy day with maths and reading. I agree that some of the white rose maths problems are tricky – well done for showing resilience

Tony – good attempts on your grammar, maths and reading – well done!

Jesse – looks like you’ve been doing very well with your grammar practice

Megan K – You have been keeping very busy with all this work every day – it makes all the teachers very happy!

Alex – absolutely amazing that you got full marks again on your arithmetic! Miss Cope will be so pleased that you are enjoying Pig Heart Boy too!

Xav – I am very impressed that you have been teaching Olivia about %. It is not an easy maths concept to teach! I am pleased to hear that slowly you are becoming more adventurous with foods!

Harry B – You have put so much detail into your reading answers and challenging yourself with the white rose problems – well done. I really like the look of your menu, especially the lunches for each day!

Let’s come together on 4/5/20…

Hi year 6,

Miss Caldwell, Mrs Dockerill and I have decided to host a ‘zoom’ meeting with you all on Monday. We have been so impressed with the work you have been uploading on to the Seesaw account and thought it would be good for all of us to spend some ‘virtual’ time together. You can access zoom on an iPhone, iPad or laptop.

If this is something you would be interested in, ask for permission from your adults and follow the steps below at 12pm on Monday:

Type in ‘zoom’ to google

Click on the website that says ‘Zoom’

Click ‘join a meeting’ at the top

Enter the following meeting code:


Click join.

Parents – we will be in control of who is allowed to enter the zoom chat and the children will not be left alone in the ‘room’ to ensure everyone follows the correct way of interacting with each other.

We look forward to ‘seeing’ you then!

Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell and Mrs Dockerill.