Wednesday’s learning – 13/5/2020


Have a go at one of the writing challenges on the above website – 10 Minute Challenges. It is free to join but check with an adult first! If you are unable to access, use the following image and ideas to complete a piece of creative writing. Sunny day? Why not sit outside and complete your writing.


Have a go at the ‘silly SATs reasoning’ paper. Can you work out what your score is? Post on Seesaw.


Mrs D’s Shout-Outs for Tuesday!

It was great to see you all 35 of you today. Amazing! I hope you enjoyed the colour game. Can you think of your own colour question?

Frankie- A great score; you have really worked hard at arithmetic this year. Lots of jottings( when necessary ) too!

Phoebe-Wow! You have been busy, lots of creative tasks… a myth and lots of maths.  Brilliant. The cakes look DELICIOUS! What type of cake are they? 

Freya- Great maths and a well presented and clear timetable .

Daniel- Well done for completing the daily maths task.

Maja-A fabulous Picasso interpretation. Its lovely to see some work in subjects I do not teach.

Xav- Well done for the correcting the grammar paper. Some of the spellings were quite unusual!! A very impressive maths score. Miss Cope thought it was great that you had to ‘earn’ your x-box time based on how many you got correct.

Edward and Austin-Well done for completing the arithmetic paper. What was your score? I couldn’t see them

Megan K- Another successful day learning at home. Keep up the good work.​
Harry / Chloe – I love the contrasting colours in your Picasso work.

Averie and Cohen- Your photo made me smile.  Well done for working on the reading paper.

Barney-Another busy day for Barney- very good maths score!

Charlie- Your vegetable garden looks great-everything is growing well.  Please keep us updated on the progress and what you cook with them. 

Sonny-100% in maths-impressive!

Austin-Fantastic abstract art in the style of Picasso. I especially like the hair!

Another week, another zoom

Hi year 6,

How lovely it was – again – for us to see your smiley faces on zoom this morning. At one point, we had 35 children present which is amazing! Be sure to thank your adults for us for helping you take part.

If any of you have any fun ideas that we can include in the next zoom meeting we do, write your ideas on seesaw and post for us to see.

I’m sure Mrs Dockerill’s colour game will make a reappearance…

Stay safe!

Tuesday zoom meeting

Hi year 6,

We are hosting another zoom meeting tomorrow at 11am. Your adults should’ve received the information via email so please ask them to check for the login meeting ID. Miss Caldwell is in school this week but she is hoping to join us for part of the meeting.

We also ask – in the email – for you to bring a photo that you have of a place or person that you would be willing to share with the group/talk about alongside a new ‘skill’ you have gained over the past few weeks.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Miss Cope, Mrs Dockerill and Miss Caldwell

Tuesday’s learning – 12/5/2020

Remember if you want to have a go at past papers during this week alongside the tasks we are setting, feel free to access past papers on the following website:


Another day in SATs week, another funny paper for you to have a go at.

Have a go at reading the text and answer the questions to the ‘Silly reading SATs’ paper. Did you manage to work out your score? Could you answer each question? Enjoy!


If you can, print out the questions ( or write them out) and ask an adult or sibling to hide them around the house… set yourself a time to find and answer them. Have a go at the arithmetic paper and then mark it with the answers at the bottom. To make it ‘silly SATs arithmetic’, you decide on your own point system… will each question be worth one mark, 1289 marks or 1/6 of a mark? Or simply make your questions worth one or two marks each – you decide! What was your score? Post on seesaw 🙂


Have a go at your own Picasso-style art. Who was Picasso? Read the information and watch the video about this famous artist. Enjoy!

Monday Seesaw shout-outs!

Hello year 6! I hope you had a relaxing long weekend. It’s my turn (Mrs Dockerill) to do the shout out’s this week and I’m looking forward to seeing all the fab-u-lous work you are doing at home.  Please keep me busy! No Sats- no problem! Did you enjoy our alternative version?

Sonny- Great scores, 100% in Grammar and I really like the cat and the art!

Harry- A very clear timetable- gut gemacht!

Austin-Thanks for marking the test, it appears there was lots of errors-whoops!

Megan- Great spellings practice- Keep it  up!

Averie and Cohen.  The brownies look delicious! Your VE display must have taken time and you squeezed in some Disney  too! You two are keeping very busy at home. 

Josh- Well done for finishing Harry Potter. Your picture has successfully been uploaded to Seesaw, so keep going. What book are you going to read next?

Alice- Excellent, you completed the  Sats papers. Were they as bad as anticipated?

Mark – Great work! You are doing so much work, you are going to finish that note book soon!

Barney- Well done. I didn’t know you had such neat handwriting.

Daniel- Another great day of home learning, good idea recording your answers on the laptop.

Christina- Great marks!
Elif-Good revision of  the  relationship between fractions,  percentages and decimals. You seem to clearly understand this concept.

Tayah and Tony- Well done for completing the papers.

Edward- I like the way you explained the answers in the grammar paper.

A couple of pieces didn’t have a name on. Can you please put your name on all pieces of work year 6 so you get the recognition you deserve! 

Monday’s learning 11/5/2020

Monday’s learning:

So this week would’ve been our SATs week. So let’s start as we mean to go on. Every day, make sure you get up, have some breakfast and find somewhere to sit… you will need a rubber, pencil / pen, sharpener and ruler (all are optional: complete with and how you want!)

English: Have a go at the ‘silly SATs grammar’ task. Us teachers seem to have forgotten how to answer the grammar questions properly :- s. Can you work out the corrections to the answers? The answers are at the bottom to check if you managed to find the errors.

Ask an adult or sibling to read out the ‘silly SATs spellings’ for you and then mark to see what your score would be… remember, these are just for fun!


Complete arithmetic paper 16, check answers and post on Seesaw:


This week you will be thinking about school subjects and free time activities. 

  1. Copy out or print out this “Timetable”
  2. Think about a typical week for you while you are learning at home, then fill out IN GERMAN your “timetable” for each day, including school subjects and other activities you are doing. If you can’t remember all the school subjects /activiites and need to look them up, you can use google translate on a device. Type in the English word and it will give you a translation of it in German. 

Viel Spaß! Bis bald! (Have fun! See you soon!)Frau Lees

A very different week than what we originally had planned in year 6…

Year 6,

This week was supposed to mark the beginning of SATs week and we feel that we cannot let this moment pass without passing on this poignant message to you all that we came across:

To all of our year 6’s,

As SATs week arrives it is not quite the same, the tests that were printed this year never came. The displays all still up; walls full of maths ‘rules’, but year 6 is very different, at present, in schools.

For some of you, happiness, lots of relief, for others a sigh of pure disbelief that you worked really hard in advance of this week. Expected and Greater Depth marks you did seek.

Algebra, fractions, the times table drills, inference, retrieval, in-depth reading skills. The past, the present, the perfect tense … which would make an appearance filled us with suspense!

Fear not though, the SATs – yes – won’t happen this term, but remember tests don’t measure everything you learn. Primary subjects are varied; you’ve always tried your best. Many of those skills you’ve gained cannot be defined by a test.

So, here at LMPS you’ve made us so PROUD. We sit here with pride and shout this out loud…


So this week, we will have a go at our own ‘silly SATs’ style papers that we hope make you laugh (borrowed from Mrs Bee on TES website).

From Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell and Mrs Dockerill

This week’s timetable and Home Learning packs 11/5/2020

We hope you had a restful weekend, year 6.

This is what your learning will look like for this week:

We have uploaded the Home Learning pack for week 4 for those of you who would prefer working through a document for the week (see previous posts regarding content of these packs).

Alongside this, please remember:

– keep reading daily – using your own book, audible or any reading material you come across including the chapters uploaded of Pig-Heart Boy. In addition, the following website offers some amazing reading materials for you football fanatics out there!

– Continue to practise spellings on Spelling Shed – weekly tasks are being set. Can you jump to the top of the leaderboard??

– keep on top of your times tables by using TTR or Hit the Button

Stay safe, Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell and Mrs Dockerill