Friday’s learning

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Well that week has gone quick! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

English: Oh no dad’s experiment has gone wrong and the children have shrunk!

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How would you feel if you were shrunk? Would it be a good thing or a bad thing? Why? Myself and Mr Pearson can’t agree if we would like to be shrunk or not. Can you write a persuasive argument on whether you think it is a good thing and explain why or a bad thing and explain why. See if you can use some of those persuasive sentence openers and expanded noun phrase to support your argument. We look forward to reading your views. I wonder which way you will persuade us?

Maths: Friday maths challenge today! Have fun!

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ART: Lets finish the week with some more art! Have a go at drawing some different sea creatures.

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Thursday’s learning

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Good Morning everyone, You are still doing an amazing job. Keep going! Mums, dads and carers, don’t forget to message Mr Poyton this morning on the main blog page if you want to nominate your child/children.

Spelling: Today we are going to look at words that start with the (n) sound but are spelt (kn) or (gn).

Task 1: Have a go at reading the words. What do you notice about the (k) and (g) when you sound the words out? Once you have read them sort them into the correct spelling pattern on the grid.

Task 2: Write the correct words to match the pictures. Remember to use the correct spelling pattern. Then write some sentences with some of the words or for an extra challenge write a sentence with as many of these words as you can.

Maths: Today you are telling the time for quarter past and quarter to.

English/Geography: Today you are going to write your persuasive argument to convince people to visit your chosen country’s beach.

First of all you need to write your title and then your introduction.

Your introduction may look something like this:

You now need to write your reasons why they should visit. First choose a persuasive sentence opener from the word mat below. EG: Firstly.

Then choose your human or physical feature you planned yesterday. EG: sea. Think about what action you might do in the sea by adding in a verb EG: paddle. Finally choose one or two of your adjectives you chose yesterday to describe the feature. EG: shimmering and salty. Now write your first point. It may look something like this.

You may want to add more information or more than one feature in each point?

Repeat for point 2 and 3. Then conclude your argument by summing up your main points. It may look like this.

PE: Wow after all that writing you may want to get moving!

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Wednesday’s learning

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Well done so far this week, we are halfway there!

Spelling: Today we are going to look at words that include the (j) sound but are spelt (j), (g), (ge), (dge).

Task 1: Have a go at reading all the words on the grid then look carefully at each word and circle all the letters that make the (j) sound. After that write each word in the grid and under the correct spelling pattern heading.

Task 2: Write the correct word for each picture, remember to use the correct spelling. Then have a go at either writing sentences that include words with the (j) sound or see if you can write a funny sentence by including as many (j) sound words as possible.

Maths: Today we are looking at telling the time using o’clock and half past.

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Geography/English: Today you are going to plan your persuasive writing. First you need to decide which country you want to persuade people to visit (choose 1 of the 4 we looked at on Monday). Then use the sheet below to plan your argument.

  1. Decide what your title will be. It will need to be catchy to attract the reader.
  2. Plan your introduction: You could use a rhetorical questions such as: Have you ever thought about visiting India’s stunning beaches? or How would you like to spend time with your family on one of Australia’s beautiful beaches?
  3. Think of your first reason by looking at your geography work from Monday and choosing a human or physical feature you discovered. EG: mountains or sea/ hotels or shops. Then think of some adjectives to describe your feature. EG- mountains- rocky, towering, mysterious etc. Repeat this so you have 3 different points.
  4. Write your 3 main points again for your conclusion and maybe think of a rhetorical question to end such as: Why don’t you come and discover or explore these beautiful beaches for yourself? Don’t forget to keep your plan for tomorrow as it will help you with your writing. Below is an example of what your planning sheet may look like.

Tuesday’s learning.

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Well done everyone for yesterday. I don’t know about you but those beaches we looked at yesterday looked very inviting!

Spelling: Today we are going to look at words that end in the (l) sound but are spelt either (el) or (le).

Task 1: Have a go at reading the different words. Remember to use your phonics knowledge to help you . Sort them into words that end in (el) and (le) on the grid and then draw a picture for each one to show their meaning.

Task 2: Complete each word by adding the correct ending. If you are not sure try both ways and decide which one looks the best. Can you find any other words that end in either (el) or (le)? Have a go at writing a few sentences that include these words or maybe see how many words you can include in one sentence.

EG: A camel and a little squirrel went round in a circle while they ate an apple but they fell into a puddle which made them giggle.

Maths: It’s measuring temperature today.

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English/Geography: This week we are going to be travel agents. Your challenge is to persuade people to visit one of the different country’s beaches we looked at yesterday. You will need to include the different human and physical features as part of your persuasive writing.

Today we are going to look at an example that you can download below. This example is trying to persuade people to visit a British seaside.

Read the example, what do you notice?

When writing persuasively you can use different sentence openers to help your argument. Have a look at the word mat below. Can you find any of these examples in the text. If so underline them.

Using expanded noun phrases can help the reader picture what you are tell them so are great to include.

EG: shimmering, salty sea. Can you find any other expanded nouns phrases (two adjectives describing a noun) in the text. If so underline them as well.

Now answer the question to help you find out more about writing a persuasive text.

PE: If you missed Joe Wicks work out yesterday have a go today.

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Monday’s learning

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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This week our English will be linked with geography so we thought we would recap on some of the spelling patterns we have looked at this year.

Today we are going to look at Homophones. Homophones are words which sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings.

Task 1: Can you match the word meaning to the pictures. Then correct each sentence by crossing out the incorrect Homophone or writing the correct one on your own paper.

Task 2: Complete the sentences by adding in the correct Homophone. If you fancy an extra challenge you could write your own sentences using the correct Homophone.

Maths: This week we are continuing to look at measurement.

Geography: A couple of weeks ago we looked at the human and physical features of a British seaside. Today we are going to look at the the human and physical features of different beaches from a round the world.

Firstly can you find the 4 different Non-European countries on a map and think about what continent they are in. Then look carefully at the different pictures and identify the human and physical features. Remember to look at the background as well. List all the different features in the table. Finally think about British seasides and compare with those from around the world. What is the same/similar? What is different?

Wednesday’s Seesaw.

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Great Aarav, I can see you have grasped grams and kilograms! Wow you can make so many things using your Lego, I love your idea for a tiger enclosure, they are my favourite animal and you have certainly shown how imaginative and creative you can be with it. More great maths today as well, I can see you can definitely compare volume. I wonder if you agree with Whitney about B holding more water than A because it is taller. Well done for thinking about the different feelings in each diary entry, that was a tricky question.

What great jabbing skills you have there Jenson! I love how you used factions in your maths today great aspirations. I like how you found different glasses to prove your thinking, I agree taller doesn’t always mean more. It looks like you are having fun doing your reading with your Grandma.

Dryden, what great reading! I love how you chose to read to your brother and how you used some expression. I can see you know exactly what a diary is and how to make sure those sentences are written in first person, great work. Well done with maths, I like how you used pictures to show your thinking.

I love how you used different containers to compare volume in maths today Logan. It looks like you have a good understanding of capacity, even the question about tall containers holding more didn’t fool you. Well done! It’s lovely to hear you are still practising your spelling and times tables too, keep up your positive learning attitude, you are doing a great job.

Another busy day for you Henry. I can see lots of great comparing of capacity there and I agree I think the containers would need to be weighed to check. I wonder if you agree that the taller the container the more water it holds. Well done, diaries are written in past tense and are what the writer is thinking. Great work with recognising which sentences were not diary entries.

Hi Jonathon, fabulous maths work today, I can see you were able to compare volume. I wonder if you agree that the taller the container the more water it holds. I love how you corrected the diary sentences so they were written in first person, number 3 was very tricky!

I agree Saskia, getting another container and pouring the different amounts in one at a time will definitely help you compare which container holds the most. I wonder if you think it is always the taller container that hold the most water. Great diary work I love how you explained your thinking. I am very intrigued to find out more about your story as I can only see page 2 on Seesaw, its sound very magical with a glowing brick!

Wednesday’s Seesaw.

Phew what a hot day!

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You guys are absolutely amazing for keeping going in this hot weather well done, we are so impressed!

Jenson, that looked like hard work in the park this morning! You were so quick! I definetly think all that mischief in your story is very tiring no wonder you were all hungry! I wonder what crumbs you found and if the Jefferson’s knew what you were all up to while they were out? Those word problems didn’t fool you today either, superb maths work!

Thank You Alice for doing you maths work today. I can see you worked very hard and you were able to apply your fraction knowledge to help you solve some problems. Great aspirations.

Lots of maths work completed today Jerusha, well done, there were lots of tricky word problems to solve. I love that you solved how long the truck was. I wonder what operation you used to help you. What happened for the pool to turn into a sink? Was it a magic spell? Luckily you could still splash around! Your seaside in a bottle makes me think of a lovely Caribbean island!

More fabulous maths there Aarav! Lots of problem solving today and well done for finding the difference, that can be tricky but I can see you knew to use subtraction to help you.

Hi Molly, Loving all your times table practise today, it’s always great to know them as we use them so much in our maths work. Lovely to see you working on more maths on the computer, its looks like you are enjoying your maths!

I love reading a Saskia story! It sounds like your little people had a great birthday party in the Jefferson’s sink but what a mess they left behind! I can’t believe they got away with swimming in the sink for 2 weeks before they got caught. Luckily it sounds like Kitty was a friendly girl and I am sure they will have a great time together now they are best friends. Loving the amended version!

Those naughty little people Henry! I can’t believe they have a party everyday, I wonder what would happen if the Jefferson’s came home early one day? Great work in maths today, I can see you have worked hard to solve all those word problems and used the correct operations to help you, well done!

Riley A, it looks like you found a nice cool spot to work today. Thank goodness your little people in your story made friends with the Jefferson’s cat while escaping from the evil Venom! I’m glad he and this friends were able to scare him and his many men away with their pointy teeth and sharp claws! I wonder if the Jefferson’s ever found out about who was living in their home for a while? Great use of different operations to solve those word problems in maths, well done! Your seaside in a bottle looks like a nice tropical place I would love to visit.

Well done Dryden for all your work this week, we are also very proud of you. I can see not only have you used different operations to solve the maths problems today but also your 10 times table and fraction facts, great work. Those little people sound like they live everywhere in the Jefferson’s house. Jeff, Dave and Steve sure have fun while they are out. I wonder if they remember to tidy up after themselves? I hope so or they my get caught.

What a busy day you have had Logan! I like the look of your new book, I wonder what interesting facts you have found out? Fabulous maths work, I can see you have used different operations to help you solve those tricky word problems. Great resilience with your writing today. Pesky cats, they always get in the way of fun. I love the sound of your trap and it certainly made me think of a long loud bleeeeeeeping sound by the way you wrote the word! Not all seasides can be as clear as a Caribbean island, I don’t know about you but I love a visit to Southend!

Superb maths Lois, I can see not only did you use different operations but also applied your number and fraction knowledge to help you solve all those word problems. Your little people sound very resourceful by using the sink to cool themselves down. It sounds like they have lots of fun when the Jefferson’s are out, thank goodness they tidy up so no one knows their secret. I wonder what the Jefferson’s would say if they found out? Love your seaside in a bottle it reminds me of a good old British seaside!

Not sure who is in the swimming pool, but it looks like the perfect place to be today!

Friday’s Seesaw

Superb work this week Year 2! Week 2 of this half term complete! Well done, super, fabulous, amazing, and brilliant!

Some very exciting news for next week too………………. It’s Zoom meeting time again!

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We are looking forward to seeing you all again in our year 2 Zoom meeting on Tuesday at 1pm. Look out for an email for all the details you need to join us.

Is that a bathing machine you have made there Rebecca? I am very impressed what a great D&T activity. Not sure if I made one it would turn out so well. I can see you have worked hard on your English today, well done. Still rocking that face paint too.

Wow Lamar, what a great drawing of a turtle. I can really see you took your time with drawing and colouring. It really is a great picture.

Isabel, you certainly challenged yourself in English today great aspirations! Well done it looks like you learnt a lot about the history of seaside holidays. Wow fantastic art work! The detail on your turtle’s shell is brilliant, I love how you have used shading with different browns it really stands out.

We certainly do wear different clothes now Jenson. Not sure on a hot day I would want to wear Victorian clothes. I thought of you the other day when I saw Blue Peter were doing a 6 badge challenge and wondered if you were going for it. I wonder what you have to do to get your music badge.

Do you think we have bathing machines to get changed in at the seaside now Jerusha? I’m not sure they would be used today. Fabulous drawing of a turtle and seahorse. I can see you really took care drawing them, love the colours you used for your turtle too.

Sorry not quite sure what happened with the maths link today Lois. Thank you and well done for adapting your learning, true resilience there. Great reading today, I wonder if you would fancy wearing clothes like the Victorians on a hot day at the beach. Not sure I would (phew). Hope you were able to get a new pen for Bluebell yesterday. Have a lovely and restful weekend too.

What a clever magic trick Alice, I was completely puzzled as how you were making the straw move until you shared your secret. Think I might try this magic trick with my family (not sure I am going to share how I did it ………HEHE).  Great score with your maths and I was very impressed how you didn’t need to think about which was your left or right when moving on the grid, even I have to think about it sometimes.

Phew, you have been busy today Riley A. So many spellings there and I can see they didn’t really give you any trouble. Well done for practising your times tables too.  You’ve worked hard in English as well. Thank goodness you were able to correct Mr Whoops with his sentence writing. Great tiger pose, I too love that statue as tigers are my favourite animals.

What a brilliant drawing of a turtle Jonathon. You really must have taken care with your art today. Phew….. You certainly worked hard in maths. I love how you were able to describe your star as being left of the shirt. Well done for completing the reading task today too.

That really is exciting news today Logan. Hope you have kept it safe as the tooth fairy my visit tonight. I love your crab! So proud you used resilience today it was worth it as your threading looks very effective and very neat. Well done for working hard on your maths and English as well.

I thought of you Aarav when I planned today’s art lesson, I knew I would see some fabulous art work from you. I really love your drawings and I love how you took on an extra challenge of drawing so many more sea creatures, I think I especially like the Angler fish, his teeth look very scary. Glad you enjoyed the maths challenge today and love your dinosaur game it looks great fun. and did you do all three History challenges? What great aspirations!

Great English work today Henry. I agree people definitely still enjoy fish and chips and ice cream. I know I certainly do (only as a treat though). I wonder if you do. Going to the seaside was certainly a luxury a long time ago but now we have cars we can visit as many times as we want. I’m definitely glad we can I love the sea. How about you?