Wednesday 23rd September.

Today’s learning:


Look at the picture below. What do you notice?

Can you complete this question below? Think about all the different ways you can write equations only using the number 17, 15 and 2?

Use the above example to help you.


Can you match these tense words: present, past and future with the words below? Which word mans it happened yesterday? Which word means it is happening today (now) ? Which word means it is going to happen tomorrow?

yesterday today tomorrow

Can you sort these verbs into past (yesterday), present (today) and tomorrow (future) tense?

Can you use a past, present and future verbs in sentences?

Final Seesaw comments

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I can’t believe it is the end of the year! As Mr Pearson said earlier we really are so very proud of you all and how you have continued with your learning at home. You are all amazing! Also a massive thank you to your families for all the support they have given, printing out or writing out all the worksheets to support your learning and for sharing on our Seesaw app. You all deserve a massive break, have a super summer holiday.

Well done Jenson for completing the last of your work today. Mr Pearson said thank you for his lovely message and he will pass your message on to Mrs Saveall and Mrs Golledge. He said he has really enjoyed teaching you and is so very proud of how you have coped with your home learning. He would like to thank your family for all their support too. I have also enjoyed seeing what you have been up to and just to let you know I think you have beaten me with the height of your sunflowers. Mine aren’t quite as tall as yours. Keep your great positive learning attitude up, I know it will take you far. Have a lovely summer break.

Aarav, it has been an absolute pleasure to teach you this year and watch you grow in confidence. I am so very proud of your continued learning at home, your aspirations are outstanding. I love your thank you message, another amazing piece of art work, I think it is a lily? They are one of my favourite flowers. Thank you to your family as well for all the support they have given and writing out endless questions and diagrams. Remember to aim for the stars, I know you will catch them and be very successful. Have a lovely summer break, you deserve it!

Dryden, Mr Pearson has loved teaching you this year and is very proud of all your hard work you have been doing while at home. He would like to say thank you to your family for the support they have given you. He is loving the football kit by they way! Your passion for learning has been amazing, keep it up I know it will help you be successful. Have a lovely summer break.

Thursday’s Seesaw

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So nearly there guys. You are all champions!

Thank you Lamar and Lottie, I will let Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps know you have posted your work. I know they are both looking forward to having you in their classes next year.

Wow Jenson, lots of practise with your 5 minute intervals in time. Outstanding aspirations as usual throughout this time, we are so proud of you. There was a lot to think about today with duration of time but I can see it didn’t trick you. Great Grammar work and I hope you enjoyed finding some of our topic words in the word search.

Oooohhh those potatoes look delicious Logan. It is a great feeling when you get to harvest your own food you have grown, You can’t beat it. I wonder if you ate them for your dinner today? Great to hear you have worked well independently. Your passion and resilience throughout have been outstanding and we are very proud of you. I love Room on the Broom it is one of my favourite Julia Donaldson book, hope you enjoyed it too.

What can I say Aarav, another day of hard work, we are so proud of your passion and aspirations towards your home learning. Great grammar work, it is tricky to remember all the meanings of that technical language but it looks like you have a good understanding. Fabulous maths work as well today.

Henry and family, thank you so much for your lovely message, it has been an absolute pleasure to teach Henry this year and I am just sorry we didn’t get to finish the year. You are amazing (and I am still a bit jealous of your beautiful handwriting), remember to aim high, I know you will be very successful in the future! Today as with all days you have shown outstanding passion for your learning we are very proud of you. Fabulous maths and Grammar work, there were some tricky questions in both tasks.

Wednesday’s Seesaw comments

Nearly there guys, well done for keeping going!

Hi Jenson, wow that was a lot of maths today. I love how you coloured your clocks in to help you work out how many minutes had passed, great strategy. Well done for spotting all ten differences. I had to really look hard for some of them. I am loving your continued aspirations and passion for learning by completing some of the weekly home document as well.

Hi, Dryden, sorry to here some of your family have been poorly. Super impressed you have completed your work today! I think I agree with you about letting go of the sunflower just in case it wasn’t a nice place it took you to. Great maths work, lots of tricky questions there and well done for spotting all the differences.

Well done again today Henry, lots more maths work completed. I bet whoever draws all your maths questions out will be glad to finish this week! It looks like you were able to work out the duration of time, I love how you shaded section in on your clocks to help you. Beautiful drawing of a sunflower, sounds intriguing being taking to space by a sunflower. I wonder if this is why you would hold on to it.

Nearly there Aarav, you really have been so busy working from home, well done. Lots of tricky questions about the duration of time today, I don’t know about you but they really got me thinking. It looks like you got on great though. Outstanding drawing again today, I really have loved looking at all your art work, it always brightens up my day. You really do have a great skill there, make sure you keep it up. A budding artist in the making maybe? You never know I may be buying one of your draws someday!

Tuesday Seesaw comments

Hi Jenson, great maths work today! I can see you have a great understanding of time. I love how you explained where the minute hand will be after each lesson. Two good question there for the seaside pictogram. I wonder if any one in your family were able to answer them?

Well done Henry, I can see you worked really hard on your maths today, I can see you have a good understanding of time. Fabulous reading, I can’t believe Vashti ended up liking camping! I wonder if you predicted that ?

Another busy day for you Aarav, I love how you wrote a number equation to help you answer a question in your statistic work. Great job with solving those word problems in maths. I can see you went for the level 3 challenge in reading, great aspirations, well done!

Phew a busy day for you Logan! I am so pleased you enjoyed meeting Mrs Dubey today, I know she will love having you in her class. Keep going with telling the time you are all doing a great job, it really can be tricky (so can left and right). We are very proud of your resilience. Fabulous reading, I can see you really understood the story. Who would have guessed Sam would end up not enjoying camping, I certainly didn’t.

Hi Saskia and family, thank you so much for your lovely messages. I love how you made me your message saskia, it is really special. It really has been a pleasure to teach you this year and work with you all through this strange time. I am just sorry we didn’t get to finish the year altogether. Thank you for all your hard work with home learning. I have definitely enjoyed your stories Saskia. A budding author in the making maybe? Hope you all have a lovely, restful holiday, Enjoy the break!

Monday’s Seesaw

Wow! Last week of the school year! Keep going, you can do it.

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Hi Henry, Great maths work today, 5 minute intervals are tricky! I can see you have a good understanding. I wonder if you noticed the pattern on question 1 and 2?

I love how you went for an extra challenge in maths today Jenson. ,Finding mixed times must of really got you thinking. Beautiful handwriting, what a great first impression for your new teacher! I agree a calm, happy classroom is a great learning environment. Mr Dubey has asked me to thank you for your writing, she loved reading all about you. That looks like a special Blue Peter badge you have received, a great addition to your collection.

We are loving your new glasses Rebecca. Did you choose them yourself? What a great shape, they are very groovy!

Thank you Anna for helping Isabel write today. This will certainly help Mrs Phelps get to know you and shall I tell you something…………….She is definitely kind, helpful and understanding!

Logan I can see you have used great resilience today in maths, well done. It can be very confusing working out past and to. See if you can remember if the minute hand (big) is on the right hand side of the clock it is past and if it is on the left hand side it is to. Mrs Dubey has asked me to thank you for completing the meet the teacher writing today, it has been very helpful.

Hi Aarav, more fabulous maths work, It looks like you can tell the time in 5 minute intervals, well done. I bet knowing your 5 times tables really helped. What a stunning picture of a peacock, I love the detail you have added. Mrs Phelps asked me to thank you for uploading your meet the teacher writing today, it has been very helpful.

Harry B, Mrs Dubey would like to thank you for uploading your meet the teacher writing. She really enjoyed finding out all about you.

Friday’s learning

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Well that week has gone quick! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

English: Oh no dad’s experiment has gone wrong and the children have shrunk!

resource image

How would you feel if you were shrunk? Would it be a good thing or a bad thing? Why? Myself and Mr Pearson can’t agree if we would like to be shrunk or not. Can you write a persuasive argument on whether you think it is a good thing and explain why or a bad thing and explain why. See if you can use some of those persuasive sentence openers and expanded noun phrase to support your argument. We look forward to reading your views. I wonder which way you will persuade us?

Maths: Friday maths challenge today! Have fun!

Click on the picture to access

ART: Lets finish the week with some more art! Have a go at drawing some different sea creatures.

Click on the picture to access.

Thursday’s learning

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Good Morning everyone, You are still doing an amazing job. Keep going! Mums, dads and carers, don’t forget to message Mr Poyton this morning on the main blog page if you want to nominate your child/children.

Spelling: Today we are going to look at words that start with the (n) sound but are spelt (kn) or (gn).

Task 1: Have a go at reading the words. What do you notice about the (k) and (g) when you sound the words out? Once you have read them sort them into the correct spelling pattern on the grid.

Task 2: Write the correct words to match the pictures. Remember to use the correct spelling pattern. Then write some sentences with some of the words or for an extra challenge write a sentence with as many of these words as you can.

Maths: Today you are telling the time for quarter past and quarter to.

English/Geography: Today you are going to write your persuasive argument to convince people to visit your chosen country’s beach.

First of all you need to write your title and then your introduction.

Your introduction may look something like this:

You now need to write your reasons why they should visit. First choose a persuasive sentence opener from the word mat below. EG: Firstly.

Then choose your human or physical feature you planned yesterday. EG: sea. Think about what action you might do in the sea by adding in a verb EG: paddle. Finally choose one or two of your adjectives you chose yesterday to describe the feature. EG: shimmering and salty. Now write your first point. It may look something like this.

You may want to add more information or more than one feature in each point?

Repeat for point 2 and 3. Then conclude your argument by summing up your main points. It may look like this.

PE: Wow after all that writing you may want to get moving!

click on the picture to access.

Wednesday’s learning

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Well done so far this week, we are halfway there!

Spelling: Today we are going to look at words that include the (j) sound but are spelt (j), (g), (ge), (dge).

Task 1: Have a go at reading all the words on the grid then look carefully at each word and circle all the letters that make the (j) sound. After that write each word in the grid and under the correct spelling pattern heading.

Task 2: Write the correct word for each picture, remember to use the correct spelling. Then have a go at either writing sentences that include words with the (j) sound or see if you can write a funny sentence by including as many (j) sound words as possible.

Maths: Today we are looking at telling the time using o’clock and half past.

Click on the picture to access

Geography/English: Today you are going to plan your persuasive writing. First you need to decide which country you want to persuade people to visit (choose 1 of the 4 we looked at on Monday). Then use the sheet below to plan your argument.

  1. Decide what your title will be. It will need to be catchy to attract the reader.
  2. Plan your introduction: You could use a rhetorical questions such as: Have you ever thought about visiting India’s stunning beaches? or How would you like to spend time with your family on one of Australia’s beautiful beaches?
  3. Think of your first reason by looking at your geography work from Monday and choosing a human or physical feature you discovered. EG: mountains or sea/ hotels or shops. Then think of some adjectives to describe your feature. EG- mountains- rocky, towering, mysterious etc. Repeat this so you have 3 different points.
  4. Write your 3 main points again for your conclusion and maybe think of a rhetorical question to end such as: Why don’t you come and discover or explore these beautiful beaches for yourself? Don’t forget to keep your plan for tomorrow as it will help you with your writing. Below is an example of what your planning sheet may look like.