Friday 4th February 2022 – Number Day

We looked at odd and even numbers today. Can you complete the odd/even number sheet?

We then looked at some of the things we learning in Year 2 in our Maths lessons. We challenged ourselves to some tricky questions. Can you solve these?

In the afternoon, we are detectives. Someone has stolen to football trophy! Can you solve the calculations to help solve the clues? You have a list of suspects. After each page of calculations, you will have a clue. Use the clues to work out who stole it! You might need an adult to help with some of the instructions.

Download the mystery sheet and clues here.

If the link doesn’t work, here is an alternative below:

Home learning – 2nd February 2022


We looked at arrays today. Array is another word for a row. We can use arrays (rows) to help us solve multiplication sentences.

Watch this video up to 5 minutes and then write 2 multiplication sentences to match the array on the worksheet. You can draw around all the rows and the columns you see to help you.


We started to write a newspaper report based on Shrek today. It’s quite tricky to write a newspaper report when you haven’t been with us to know the features and structure of a newspaper. Have a look at the mini test sheet to test your tense knowledge (present and past). For question number 1, can you then write a sentence using each past tense verb?

Home learning – 1st February 2022


In Maths we are looking at Mulitplication. Multiplication is the description of equal groups. For example:

Equal Groups | CoolMath4Kids
This picture shows 5 equal groups with 3 in each group

We can find out the total by adding: 3+3+3+3+3 =

We can also find the total by multiplying: 5 lots of 3 (5 x 3).

Here are some video links to support the teaching we have completed over the last week. There are supporting worksheets below as well. Don’t do this all in one day. Spread this across the rest of the week.

Spr2.1.1 – Recognise equal groups on Vimeo

Spr2.1.2 – Make equal groups on Vimeo

Spr2.1.4 – Multiplication using the x symbol on Vimeo


In English, we are looking at newspapers (we are writing about the breaking news of Shrek rescuing Princess Fiona from the tallest tower!)

Have a read of this newspaper and answer the questions about it after. Then tomorrow, we can look at the video of Shrek rescuing Fiona and how we would write about that in a newspaper!