Star Writer

We are having so much fun with our topic of Street Detectives this year.

Over the last week we have been looking at the different types of shops that are in our local area, both now and back in the past.

We found out in history that before supermarkets like Tesco and Morrisons became popular we had to visit lots of independent shops like the baker, greengrocer or the butcher to get our food.  We also learnt that because the food was fresh that we would visit these shops more often.

On Thursday we had the opportunity to be bakers ourselves. We spent the afternoon weighing flour, chopping butter and adding all the other ingredients. We carefully followed a  method and produced some wonderful jam tarts, shortbread biscuits and gingerbread men.

On Friday we used the knowledge we had gained from our baking on Thursday to write some brilliant poems using adjectives, verbs and nouns.  Although our poems didn’t have to rhyme we had to be careful that they made sense.  Our star writer this week used all of the input she had been given to produce an outstanding poem which Miss Fretton then asked her to copy up in ‘best’ onto one of the baking writing frames.

Miss Fretton was especially pleased to see that Stephanie had been thoughtful when she wrote the lines ‘ I can get half a teaspoon of spice.  I can get the grams right’ Miss Fretton was also impressed that Stephanie remembered that each line of her poem had to start on a new line, and that she had to include capital letters and full stops in her work.

What a brilliant start to Year 2, keep up the good work Stephanie.

Miss Fretton and the Y2 Team.


Welcome Back Street Detectives

Welcome back  it looks like you’ve have had a lovely and exciting summer as the children have told us all about their adventures.

This half term we are going to be ‘Street Detectives’.  We are investigating the local area to find out all about the different types of houses, commercial buildings, churches, the types of vehicles that use our roads and the local amenities, and this has changed over time.

This morning we have enjoyed a walk along Melbourne Avenue and through the park.  We were fortunate with the weather and saw many different things on our way.  During DT this afternoon we made a street map of the route we took and have started to make the different types of buildings that we saw on our route.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring the different buildings, their uses and why our local area is made that way that it is.

You can see how enthusiastic the children are to begin this topic in the photographs below.

Can you tell us what your favourite building or place is in the local area and why you like it?

Ms. Tuck, Miss Fretton and the Year 2 Team.