Home learning wb 27th September 2021

This week, we are looking at the following graphemes in phonics:

Write words using those graphemes. Remember to put the sound buttons on to help you with blending the words.

Reading – linked to phonics


We have continued to look at sentences (capital letters, full stops, makes sense…) this week. Read these ‘sentences’ and correct them. Some of them need more corrections than others!


We are applying our place value (tens and ones) knowledge by comparing numbers (greater than, less than, equal to). Put the correct symbol ( < > = ) to compare these sets of numbers.


We are looking at what we can do to keep our bodies healthy. We looked at what foods we should eat and also what we can do to make our heart and other muscles stronger.

Can you write down 3 things that you can do to keep your body healthy? Think about what you could eat, how you could move and what affect that will have on your body.