Monday’s learning (18/1/2021)

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Good morning Year 2. It’s Monday, it’s week 3 and it’s learning time! Let’s do this, team!


In Maths today, we are going to recapping our work on Money to then eventually extend that learning to something new. We would like you to show us your knowledge on identifying and recognising the value of coins and notes. We have done a lot of work on coins in Year 2, but something you may have missed in Year 1 is identifying the value of notes. Recognise, identify and then solve the problems linked to this knowledge on the 2 tasks today.


It is a reading task for English today. We would like you to read this extract from a Knight’s diary and then answer the questions about it. Can you remember the features of a diary from when we wrote as Samuel Pepys during the Great Fire of London? I wonder if you can spot these features in this piece of writing?


A reminder that you are able to access for free using the log in details:

username: jan21

password: home

On this website, there are lots of phonics games and resources to play and enjoy. One of my favourite games, which links to our alternative sound learning we have been doing, is Cheeky Chimps

Click on the picture to play it

Our task today is looking at the ‘oa’ phoneme, but identifying the different graphemes that can make this sound. Read the menu and underline/circle all of the words that have the ‘oa’ phoneme. Remember, they WON’T ALWAYS be spelt ‘oa’.

Foundation – History

In History, we are looking at the advantages and disadvantages (good bits and bad bits) of 2 different types of castle: Motte and Bailey and Stone Keep.

We’d like you to read this information sheet, giving you information (look out for the good bits and bad bits – advantages and disadvantages) for each castle, ready for your task.

Once you have read the information, move on to either ‘Sheet 1’ or ‘Sheet 2’. ‘Sheet 1’ has key words to help you complete the task and ‘Sheet 2’ has less keywords to challenge you further with your answers. The sheets ask you to identify which type of castle each picture is and then needs you to write down all the good bits (advantages) and bad bits (disadvantages) of each castle type.


Some of you will have received an email about ‘Lexia’. Lexia is a programme that supports children with spelling and phonics. If you received a letter, you will have a username and password attached to that letter to help you log in. All the details are on the letter but if you have any questions about this or need any help, please do ask us on seesaw or on the Zoom call @ 9:30am.

Have a brilliant day!

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  • Can I just say what an amazing job Lawford Mead are doing with their home schooling provision. The pupils are getting a much better service than those of some other school I know of. Thank you


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