New year, new homework system

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Hi new Year 2 parents/carers and children. As we are trying to avoid cross-contamination of objects between home and school, we are now going to be uploading homework weekly on the blogs for you to access. In order for us to check the children’s homework, we have created individual Seesaw codes for the children, so they can scan their own code and take a photo of their homework to submit, and we will be able to see it in school. If you are unsure how how to use Seesaw, you can follow the steps on the sheet attached to the inside of your child’s reading record.

In year 2, we will be setting times tables and spelling homework through times table rock stars and spelling shed on a Monday and it will need to be completed by Friday morning ready for their test on that day. Your child’s work will then be checked by staff ready for new homework to be set the following week. The times table rockstars and spelling shed website are posted below as a link for you to access. Your child’s reading record has their personal log ins for these sites.

Reading Records:

As well, we will be sending home Reading Records for the children to keep at home for now. When a child has read at home, the reading record can be filled in as before, however, rather than sending the reading record back into school, your child can take a photo of their reading record (as shown above) showing us what they have read or leave us a comment telling us directly on the seesaw app. That way, we can continue to keep a log of who is reading at home for our Reader Leader award!

Reading Books:

For the moment, children will be choosing books, with the guidance from staff in school, within their class libraries, to avoid cross-contamination from different bubbles within the school. If your child brings a book home to read and finishes it, they can bring it back to school the next day and the book will be quarantined for 72 hours before being returned to the class library. Your child can then choose another book to read at home. Of course, a child can also read a book from home too! As well as physical copies of books, we have also signed up to Oxford Owl where children can access lots of e-books to read online (we can give guidance of what level books the children should be reading via your child’s Seesaw page). Here are the log in details:

Oxford Owl – Phonics books:

You can log in using this username and password by clicking on the ‘My class login’ button on the Oxford Owl site.

Username: birchreaders OR bonsaireaders
Password: books

Friday’s learning (17th July)

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Well this is it. The last day of the school year. What a very strange school year it has been. Myself and Miss Fretton are extremely proud of every single one of you showing such tremendous levels of resilience, aspiration and passion in your learning even throughout some of strangest, most difficult times. You should all be very proud of yourselves for your superb work over the last 4 months but also very thankful for your family for supporting you for this time as well. Thank you to all of you for your support and kind words. You have been amazing and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back in September (albeit in a different year group/class). We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all for the time we had together and we wish you all the very best in Year 3. Have a great summer holiday and stay safe. Miss Fretton and Mr P.

Usually, our last day of term would consist of some learning in the morning and then class/house treats. You would have missed 3 class treats and 2 house treats as well as those that would have got the attendance treats too. Because of this, we have put together some fun activities you can do together as a family as well as the final Maths challenge. Enjoy your last day.


End of term treats

I might be on own with this thought, but it’s not a party without a game of musical statues. The music will play and stop at different times so even the ‘DJ’ has to join in (Mum and Dad!)

Another great family game is ‘Charades’. If you restrict this to films or TV shows, it will make it easier to act out as well as making it a little easier to guess. Take it in turns to act out your favourite film or TV show (you could act as the main characters or maybe act out the best scene of that film). The other team then needs to guess. Shall we restrict the guesses to 3 per team to make it harder?

You can finish the party off with a classic board game or maybe a movie? Maybe write down 5 films and put them in a bowl and take it in turns to choose the film you watch?

Enjoy your day and we would love to have our last seesaw uploads to be you all acting out your favourite films for us to guess? Or just to see you having a good dance in your game of musical statues!

Thursday’s learning (16th July)

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I don’t know about you at home, but telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes is really hard. I have uploaded some extra sheets and a teaching powerpoint on this if we’re not ready to move on just yet.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


Wednesday’s learning (15th July)

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Question time!

Where will the magic sunflower take Lucy?

If you were Lucy, would you hold on to the sunflower or let go?

How did Lucy get the seed?

Perfect picture!

Imagine what the sunflower will look like the next day. Draw or describe what you have imagined.


We are finishing up with our topic work, so for the last 3 days, we want to make the learning more relaxed and fun.

You could then maybe create your own ‘spot the difference’ challenge to test siblings or other family members.

Tuesday’s learning (14th July)

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As we look forward to the summer holidays, some of our holiday plans may have been changed due to the lockdown. Some of you may already have a camping trip planned or you may be thinking of a camping trip instead of travelling to a different country this year. Here is a reading comprehension activity all about Sam and Vashti’s camping trip. There are 3 levels, so choose the most appropriate challenge for you.


Our topic work today is linked to Maths (statistics). For every object you find, colour a square and then answer the following questions.

How many more rings are there than sandcastles?

How many pairs of sunglasses are there altogether?

How many fewer seagulls are there than ice lollies?

How many objects are there altogether?

What is the total of ice cream vans, beach chairs and sunglasses?

Can you create 2 of your own questions to ask your family to solve?

Year 3 Seesaw

Here is Year 3 seesaw code for you upload your ‘meet the teacher’ grid.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Download ‘Seesaw Class’ app on a tablet or phone.
  2. Select ‘I am a Student’
  3. Scan the QR code
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-6.png

To post a picture of your work:

  1. Select the green plus at the top of the page
  2. Select ‘Photo’, ‘Video’, ‘Drawing’, ‘Note’ or ‘Upload’.
  3. When you have uploaded your work, annotate you work with your first name only (if you are able to) and then select the green tick
  4. Choose which class you will be in and then the green tick again

Monday’s learning (13th July)

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Our last Monday of the year. We are going to try and make this week a more fun week. We will still do English and Maths, but will try and add some fun activities into this week. Remember you have your meet the teacher zoom calls either today or Tuesday, depending which class you are. If this means to don’t have chance to complete some of your work, we completely understand.



Your new teacher wants to know more about you. Ready for your zoom call (or after if you wish), please complete this grid out ready to share with your new teacher. I will post the Year 3 seesaw code for you upload it to either Mrs Phelps or Mrs Dubey. This isn’t us saying goodbye, it is just a good chance for you to communicate with your new teacher – we still want you to post things to us as well!

Remember your new teacher wants to see:

Capital letters, full stops and some great adjectives.


After a weekend, it’s important to get back into an active routine. Have a go at Joe Wicks (for possibly one of the last times).

Seesaw comments

Another week has flown by. We are working hard at school and I can see you are working hard at home. Well done to those that are submitting work still. One week left to go, let’s make next week and really fun week to finish our year off on a high!

I like your method of solving how much the cone weighs, Jenson. A really good strategy and really impressed with the column method used – you are getting ready for year 3 with that Maths knowledge! Well done for a great week of learning! Have a relaxing, enjoyable weekend.

Hi Henry. A really great week of learning from you. You have submitted every day and your work is always presented so well and clear. Well done for giving the first 3 questions a go on the challenge. Enjoy your weekend.

Some super art work, Aarav. Thank you for sharing your Maths challenge today. I agree, some of those were really tricky. Thank you for submitting your work everyday this week. It is clear you are working hard and enjoying your learning. Have a great weekend.

Hi Logan. I’m pleased you got to enjoy your time at Hyde Hall. Well done for squeezing in as much learning as you can even though Mum and Dad have been a little bit busier this week. I am really impressed with your resilience shown in your spellings. Have a great weekend.

Seesaw comments

We’ve really enjoyed reading your persuasive writing today and now really want to go on holiday!

Thank you for sharing your Maths work today, Aarav. This shows us that you are very secure with telling the time half past and O’clock. Also, well done for completing the j, dge, ge spelling pattern work.

Some great, confident Maths work today, Henry. We are really impressed that you can tell the time so accurately. Tomorrow is all about quarter past and quarter to the hour.

Thank you for sharing your Maths and English work today, Dryden. I’d love to visit the Brazil and you’ve really persuaded me to look into travelling there…maybe not this year though.

Thank you for sharing your persuasive text to persuade us to go to Brazil, Jenson. I really enjoyed listening to your ‘pitch’ and the expression you put into your reading. Well done for completing the Maths and spelling today aswell.

Seesaw comments

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I hope none of you got caught in the showers we have had throughout the day. A horrible to day to plan outdoor activities, but a great day to do some amazing work.

I like your persuasive writing, Henry. I really want a relaxing trip to Brazil. You’ve used such great persuasive adjectives like tropical and beautiful. Some great spelling and Maths work as well today.

Some great planning of your persuasive text, Jenson. I’m excited to see if you can persuade me to visit ‘Brilliant Brazil’. Thank you for sharing your Maths and spelling today as well.

Thank you for sharing your Maths and spelling work with us today, Saskia. I am looking forward to seeing if you can use your persuasive language to persuade me to visit the beach!

You have been busy over the last 2 days, Dryden! Thank you for sharing your spelling and Maths work with us today. Remember to use those spelling patterns in your writing – maybe you could try and used a ‘j’ or ‘dge’ spelling in your persuasive writing? Could their be a ‘hedge’ or a ‘bridge’ or is there a nice place to ‘jog’ in Brazil?

I hope you enjoyed Hyde Hall, Logan. Fingers crossed it was quiet – I don’t like places that are too busy, especially at the moment. Well done for doing some Oxford Owls reading and for doing some telling the time work too.