Writer of the Week

Year 2 writer of the week is Isabelle. Well done for using your phonic knowledge this week to sound out your ingredients for your ‘Snot Filled Sandwiches’.

Keep up the good work Isabelle.


Landscape Art

This afternoon Year 2 created their own landscapes using a variety of food.

We had great fun selecting different fruit and vegetables to create our own landscape designs.

Can you remember the name of the artist whose style we tried to interpret?

The Waterfall

Mr McGregor’s Garden

Amazing Animators

In Year 2, we have been exploring stop animation. We have enjoyed watching Morph and getting inspiration. We created our own play dough creations and then practised our animation skills, using onion skin technique, taking pictures of our partner.


Here is Taylor James and Freya’s animation of a Mum bunny welcoming a baby bunny home from school.

Wonderful Writing

Year 2’s writer of the week is Freya. She used commas for a list to describe the ingredients she would put into her magic potion. We particularly love Freya’s use of the word ‘transparent’.