Woodland Walking

Year 2 went to Melbourne Park woodlands to look for different habitats.

Habitats are a place where different creatures live.

We looked in trees, under rocks, in the soil and even in the sky!

We found woodlice, worms, snails and spiders.

Do you know what habitats these creatures like to live in? Ask a year 2 child this half term and we will be able to tell you!

Wriggle & Crawl

Year 2 had a visit from a selection of creepy crawlies on the first day of this half term to mark the beginning of our topic ‘Wriggle and Crawl’.

We learnt lots of new facts about different creatures. If you see a Year 2 child, ask us for a fact about:

Borneo Stick Insect

Zebra Tarantula

Giant Land Snail

Corn Snake