Monday 9th-Wednesday 11th home learning.

Reading: Remember you can read your own books and log onto the the Oxford Owl website.

Spelling: Practise your spellings using your login code in your reading record to access Spelling Shed.

Times Tables: Have fun playing game on the Times Table Rock Stars app or practise using the Top Marks website.

Writing: Write a sentence for each picture using the document below. Remember to include capital letters, full stops and read back to check it makes sense.

Mathematics: Addition. Add 2 digit and 10 numbers. Remember to draw your tens and ones first to help you. How many tens do you have altogether and how many ones do you have altogether?

Then add 2 -2digit numbers. Again remember to draw your tens and ones to find out how many you have altogether. Top tip- add your ones first and then your tens. EG: 43+32= 3 ones + 2 ones = 5 ones. Then 4 tens + 3 tens = 7 tens so altogether it is equal to 75.

Phonics: Can you work out which words are real and which are ‘alien’ ? Draw your sound buttons under each word and circle the words that are real. Remember to look out for digraphs!

Monday 2nd-Wednesday 4th November work for home.

Reading- You can read your school reading book, read your own books and/or read some exciting books on the Oxford owl website.

Spellings- Use your Spelling Shed login in to practise your spider spellings and play some games of your choice.

Times tables- use your Times table rock star login to practise you times tables.

Phonics- can read these real and alien words? What different digraphs or trigraphs can you find?

Maths- Subtraction, see how many of each challenge you can complete.

Remember subtraction is just like imagining you have a plate of delicious cakes and then you eat some. To solve the problem you have to work out how many cakes are left.
Be careful with some of these questions, you may have to cross ten to solve the problem.
EG: 14-5= (swap your ten for ten ones and then subtract the five).

English- We have been looking at the film Up and writing descriptive sentences.

Can you watch this clip and then describe Carl the main character.

First see if you can improve this sentences by thinking or finding a different word for old.

Carl is an old man.

Then can you describe what he looks like, EG: Carl has a wrinkled face. He has white hair.

Remember to include your capital letters and full stops.

Maybe you can describe what kind of person he is? EG: Carl is a grumpy old man.

Next can you describe his house.

First can you improve this sentence, Carl lives in a small house.

Then can you describe it in more detail EG: His crooked house has dusty windows. Again remember to include your capital letters and full stops.