What a busy week!

Welcome back after the half term holiday.

It has been a very full week for the children in Birch and Bonsai.

We had a fabulous afternoon at Mini-Olympics when we represented Australia.  The children took part in lots of different sporting activities including balance bikes, throwing, cheerleading and speedstacking.  The children really excelled themselves and showed exemplary behaviour.

Olivia showed outstanding talent in all sporing activities and was awarded bronze position out of approximately 150 girls.

Thursday was our immersion trip to Walton on the Naze, we were incredibly lucky with the weather and enjoyed a warm but windy day on the beach.

The children in both classes had an exciting time looking for ‘treasure’ on the beach with us all finding different types of shells. stones and seaweed.

Some of the children had never visited the beach and were very excited to feel the sand between their toes and the feel of the waves as they lapped over their feet as we paddled.  Whilst paddling we found two messages in glass bottles which had washed up on shore.  Over the coming weeks we will be investigating what messages these bottles contained.

After lunch we all enjoyed a vanilla cornet on the sand before we built sandcastles.  Some of the sand castle designs make me think that we have some architects and engineers in the making.

Although the journey was long I think it was well worth it for the children to experience a traditional English day at the seaside as the rest of the school took part in cultural day.