Street Detectives

Year 2 went on a local area walk this week. We were looking for houses, churches, shops and other buildings in our local area. We are now all excited to engage in our topic, which is called Street Detectives.

Landscape Art

This afternoon Year 2 created their own landscapes using a variety of food.

We had great fun selecting different fruit and vegetables to create our own landscape designs.

Can you remember the name of the artist whose style we tried to interpret?

The Waterfall

Mr McGregor’s Garden

Amazing Animators

In Year 2, we have been exploring stop animation. We have enjoyed watching Morph and getting inspiration. We created our own play dough creations and then practised our animation skills, using onion skin technique, taking pictures of our partner.


Here is Taylor James and Freya’s animation of a Mum bunny welcoming a baby bunny home from school.

Wonderful Writing

Year 2’s writer of the week is Freya. She used commas for a list to describe the ingredients she would put into her magic potion. We particularly love Freya’s use of the word ‘transparent’.

What a busy week!

Welcome back after the half term holiday.

It has been a very full week for the children in Birch and Bonsai.

We had a fabulous afternoon at Mini-Olympics when we represented Australia.  The children took part in lots of different sporting activities including balance bikes, throwing, cheerleading and speedstacking.  The children really excelled themselves and showed exemplary behaviour.

Olivia showed outstanding talent in all sporing activities and was awarded bronze position out of approximately 150 girls.

Thursday was our immersion trip to Walton on the Naze, we were incredibly lucky with the weather and enjoyed a warm but windy day on the beach.

The children in both classes had an exciting time looking for ‘treasure’ on the beach with us all finding different types of shells. stones and seaweed.

Some of the children had never visited the beach and were very excited to feel the sand between their toes and the feel of the waves as they lapped over their feet as we paddled.  Whilst paddling we found two messages in glass bottles which had washed up on shore.  Over the coming weeks we will be investigating what messages these bottles contained.

After lunch we all enjoyed a vanilla cornet on the sand before we built sandcastles.  Some of the sand castle designs make me think that we have some architects and engineers in the making.

Although the journey was long I think it was well worth it for the children to experience a traditional English day at the seaside as the rest of the school took part in cultural day.


How Does Your Garden Grow?

A very warm welcome back after the Easter holidays.

It was so lovely this morning to see all of the Year 2 children so happy and excited to be back in school and so ready to learn.

This term our topic is ‘Scented Gardens’ and we will be exploring and investigating lots of exciting things to do with plants and our gardens.

The children were amazed this morning to find that giant bean stalks had grown through both floors and ceilings of the Year 2 classrooms and want to investigate to see if they have reached into key stage 2!

In English this term we are looking at the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk, the children came up with some fantastic vocabulary this morning to describe the giant leaving all of the teachers in awe!

Since a giant bean stalk has erupted into our classrooms we thought that in maths we would use this opportunity to look at measurements and we will be seeing how much we have grown over this term.

During science we have started to grow our plants for the garden.  We have made environmental plant pots today into which we have sown sunflower seeds, over the next few weeks we will be planting cress, runner beans and also making a pizza garden.  We are also keeping a weekly diary on the progress of our sunflowers.  I wonder how tall they will be by the summer?

In art, we are going to be looking at different artists who paint flowers, we will then be painting our own masterpieces in the style of Vincent Van Gogh and painting our very own ‘Sunflowers’.

What an exciting half term we have to look forward too.


End of Term Fun!

What a fabulous half term this has been.  It has been so lovely to see all of the children so engaged in our topic Towers, Turrets and Tunnels.

After our visit to Colchester Castle at the very beginning of the half term, we have found out so much about life in castles in History.  We have also learnt where in the world we will find some interesting castles and towers in Geography.  We have had the most amazing time in Design and Technology as we have built our own castles with towers and a working drawbridge.

It was lovely to see so many parents take the opportunity to come in after school today  see our castles and to witness the children’s enthusiasm for their learning.

We look forward to next term when our topic is Scented Gardens, when we will see if we have any green fingered children amongst Year 2!


A Fun Packed Week!

Wow! What a busy week we have had, it was fabulous to see so many parents, grandparents and other relatives at our assembly on Wednesday.

What a tremendous achievement the children accomplished with their assembly.  We think you will agree with all of the Year 2 team that the children displayed such confidence as well projecting their voices to tell the audience about their learning so far this year  You wouldn’t believe that they had only had three practices before the final performance.  We are so lucky to have these children at Lawford Mead!


Then on Friday we had our World Book Day Take Two!

It was so lovely to see such enthusiasm the children had when reading with Year 4 and Year 5.

The older children really engaged the year twos with their expression and love of reading.

For World Book Day as a year group we made our own comic strips, after watching our CCTV of the ‘Lawford Mead Invisible Thief’ who has been caught stealing items from classrooms and snatching books not only from the library but even as some of our children were reading!

Have you been able to track down the thief?  If you know his or her identity please let Mr Poyton know.


We hope you had as much fun as we did.  Please tell us your favourite part of the day?

Year 2 Team