Terrific Tiger Art from Birch Class!

This week, Year 2 have been working extremely hard with their SAT’s. Well done to all of you, you have been amazing! You have had such a mature and positive attitude, keep it up for next week!

As our topic for this term is tigers, we thought it would be a great idea to make our own tiger fur! We used oil pastels for the background and we used sugar paper for the stripes.

Here are some grrrrrrrreat examples from Freya. S and Jaiden!



Can you help Postman Ted?

009 001


Here is Postman Ted working at a computer at Lawford Mead Primary. Do you know where he is? I mentioned before that Ted is not always great at his job and it seems he has dropped his letters all over the floor! Can you help him sort them out? They need to be in number order so he can post them. There may be Dojo points available for those who solve the puzzle…

Hint: If you click on the picture of the dropped letters a larger photo will appear.

Mrs Golledge