Monday’s learning (13th July)

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Our last Monday of the year. We are going to try and make this week a more fun week. We will still do English and Maths, but will try and add some fun activities into this week. Remember you have your meet the teacher zoom calls either today or Tuesday, depending which class you are. If this means to don’t have chance to complete some of your work, we completely understand.



Your new teacher wants to know more about you. Ready for your zoom call (or after if you wish), please complete this grid out ready to share with your new teacher. I will post the Year 3 seesaw code for you upload it to either Mrs Phelps or Mrs Dubey. This isn’t us saying goodbye, it is just a good chance for you to communicate with your new teacher – we still want you to post things to us as well!

Remember your new teacher wants to see:

Capital letters, full stops and some great adjectives.


After a weekend, it’s important to get back into an active routine. Have a go at Joe Wicks (for possibly one of the last times).

2 comments on “Monday’s learning (13th July)

  • Jane Anderson says:

    Hi, do we need to do another ‘meet the teacher’ grid? Riley said he did one in class today?

    • Mr Pearson says:

      Hello. No, all work posted on the blog is completed in school. Unless Riley wanted to do another. I’ll leave that up to him.


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