Monday’s learning (1st June)

A pinch and a punch…(we still do that…right?)

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I hope you all had a brilliant half term (amazing weather!).

It’s Summer Term 2 and it’s time for some more learning. Here is your timetable for this week:

AM 1PEEnglishEnglishEnglishEnglish
AM 2MathsYear 2 Zoom meetingMathsMathsMaths

We are very excited to announce that we will be doing ANOTHER zoom meeting on Tuesday at 11am again. We will post the meeting details later for you to be able to join. It will involve a special Mr P dojo point game with lots of dojos up for grabs.


Mr P pulls a similar face when doing Joe Wicks’ work outs!

We are relying on Joe to keep our PE lessons going – I tried doing his lesson on bank holiday Monday and I really hurt my leg – I’m showing resilience and going again today. I hope you’re with me, Year 2?


It’s back to White Rose Hub lessons today. REMEMBER – the link takes you to the video lesson and then you need to download the worksheets from this blog page.


We’d love to know what you’ve been up to over half term. Whether you’ve been out for a walk or a bike ride or even just stayed at home – we want to know 🙂

You can print this or just write down what you did last week on a piece of paper. Either way, let us know and share it on seesaw

We are easing you in today with a slightly lighter day to get you back into home learning after what we hope was a restful half term. Post your great work on seesaw and I will post later with comments.

Friday Seesaw

Well done everyone we have made it to half term. I know I said this yesterday but we really are so very proud of how you have all coped with your learning at home. You all have amazing resilience. Thank you for our lovely messages it really does brighten up our days being able to see what you are all up to at home. Thank you for taking the time to upload your pictures.

Wishing you all a lovely half term and a well deserved rest.

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Well done Bea (and mum) for your resilience today in tackling the last few tasks before half term. I’m impressed you worked out what all the pictures represented in your spellings, even I had to have a good think about some of them. What a challenge in maths (Phheewww)! You certainly showed passion for your learning in giving them a good go………………..And relax! Hope you all have a lovely and restful week off.

Fabulous phonics work today Jonathon. Some of those pictures are a bit tricky, well done for working out the roller-coaster picture was theme park, I had to have a good think about that one. I can see you have shown great aspirations with you maths, there were some tricky challenges especially challenge 2. Have a lovely half term.

Lottie I love a bit of geography. Did you draw the map of the United Kingdom? Very impressed! We are certainly surrounded by lots of different seas and oceans. Hope you and Lamar have a lovely half term.

Superb spelling today Isabel! How did you work out the heart jigsaw represented the word complete? It took me a while to get that one. Have a lovely and restful week with your family.

Jerusha, I can see you had a good go at your phonics today. Some of those pictures were very tricky to work out! I love your city design you have included lots of physical and human features. It definitely looks like a place I would like to visit! Loving your flag design to go with it. I can see you worked very hard on those challenging maths questions today, well done and have a lovely half term.  

Wow Kaysey, well done for taking on all those maths challenges, they were quite tricky. Challenge 4 got me thinking! Those missing letters didn’t fool you either. Fabulous aspirations shown today. Hope you and your family have a lovely half term.

Great detective work Aarav, those missing letters didn’t trip you up neither did those phonics picture. I had to have a good think about some of them myself. I love how you used your dinosaurs to help you solve a maths challenge, you certainly are a dinosaur fan! Hope you all have a lovely week off.

You’ve definitely solved the mystery of the missing letters today Jenson, they didn’t catch you out, neither did your phonics work. How did you work out theme park and complete?  I really had to think about those. I didn’t know you could get more than one Blue Peter badge. (I loved watching this many years ago when I was young!) I am sure you will be awarded it, you are always being active. You look like you are working very hard on those maths challenges, they are tricky, well done. Have a lovely half term.

A chef in the making there Dryden, your pizzas look so delicious! I am sure you were very hungry after all your hard work.  Great phonics work and well done for finding all those missing letters. Those maths questions were a challenge today! That hexagon question certainly got me thinking. I love how you used your times table facts to help you solve it.

A rainbow city, that sounds like the perfect place to be at the moment Alice. Just seeing your flag makes me want to visit. Those missing letters haven’t caught you out today have they and fabulous phonics work. Some of those pictures were a bit tricky to work out but by the looks of it not for you. I love how you used your tens and ones to help you solve challenge 2 and I can tell you know your number facts up to 100. Well done this half term have a great week off.

What a challenge in maths today Riley A. I love how you worked with your brother to help you solve challenge 4. I really had to think about that one too. Those missing letters didn’t stop you with your spelling today and you definitely know all the alternative spellings for the sound ‘ee’. Well done for all your hard work, enjoy your week off.

Glow in the dark food! Now that would be interesting Lois. I’m thinking it would work well for sneaking a midnight snack! Fabulous phonics spelling, think you did a better job than me at working out what all the different pictures were. You’ve definitely cracked those possessive apostrophes and I can see some lovely neat handwriting there. There were certainly a lot of steps in working out those maths challenges today, well done for persevering with them. Hope you all have a lovely and restful half term.

Friday’s Learning.

And we have made it to Friday this week!

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Can you believe it is also the last day of this half term. You have all (mums, dads and cares too) done amazing job with home schooling! You all definitely deserve a rest. Enjoy your week off and hopefully the weather will be nice so you can spend lots of time in your gardens or going out for your daily exercise. We look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Don’t forget to watch our celebration assembly today. I’m sure there will be some special guests you will recognise.

ENGLISH: Spelling today. Can you write the matching words for the pictures using all the alternative ‘ee’ graphemes (sound).

No peeping first but here are the answers as it can be tricky to work out what some of the picture are.

Common Exception words.

I thought this looked like a fun activity. You need to be letter detectives today. Can you work out the missing letters to complete each word. You can do as many or as few as you like.

Click on the download to open or print.

MATHS: Friday Challenge!

You can access the linked worksheets today by clicking on the picture below.

Click on the picture to access.

GEOGRAPHY: This half term we have looked at capital cities, flags from different countries and what human and physical features are. I thought it might be nice to bring this all together with a little project you might want to take up during half term.

CHALLENGE: Can you design your own capital city (Maybe it will be in a made up country)? Use the word mats below to decide what human and physical features you want to include. It might be a seaside city or it might be in-between giant mountains. It might have a bridge or a huge tower block, the choice is yours. Once you have decided what features you will include draw a plan of your city.

Then design a flag for your city. You may want to magpie parts of flags you have been researching or completely use your own design.

If you want an extra challenge you could then build a model of your city. Maybe using Lego or other building blocks. Maybe you could use empty cardboard boxes or other recycling packaging you have in your home.

Have fun!

Thursday’s Seesaw

Well done everyone again today, another hot day!  I know some of you are finding it difficult to keep going but Mr Pearson and I are so very proud of you all! You have all shown fantastic aspirations and passion for learning but mostly outstanding resilience during this time. You really are amazing! Keep going for one more day then you can have a well-deserved rest next week for half term.  

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Joshua, you have shown great resilience with your writing. You definitely haven’t let those apostrophes trick you. Lovely neat handwriting by the way.

Rebecca, it looks like some spelling practise going on there. I love the look of your little den. Is it your learning den?

Lottie, how invented, making a face mask using paper towel and elastic band! And those flapjacks………………….MMMmmmmm. They look delicious!

Lamar, wow great baking! I am sure Mr Pearson would have loved to been able to try one, I know I would.

More fabulous math work again today Lois! You are flying through these challenges. I love how you drew four dice with 5 spots on each to represent 4×5. Wow you certainly did work hard on your science. I did not know rhubarb leaves are poisonous and the average strawberry has about 200 seeds each but I do now thanks to your research! Great possessive apostrophe work!

Look at you working so hard again today Jonathon! I am impressed you solved that word problem, well done for breaking the question up into 2 parts to help you. I can see you have read well today too, some tricky questions so well done!

Bea, we are so proud of how you have stayed positive throughout your home schooling, nearly there then a week’s rest. I can see you have had a really good go at lots of tasks well done. That 2 part problem about sandwiches and crayons certainly didn’t fool you………. It was very tricky! And I can definitely see you spotted all those silly mistakes in English too. What a beautiful mud pie. It is so lovely I though it was a garden ornament.

Great reading today Molly, (I did wonder if it was your work yesterday because of the blue pen you use, thanks for letting me know.) Your right the synonym for study is learn. Glow in the dark humans! Wow that would be a sight, we would definitely save electricity if we all glowed in the dark.

Great aspirations today Jamie and Jackson, working while catching up with the assembly. Think I would have stopped for a cup of tea so well done. Assemblies are always great to watch, look out for tomorrows one. That times table book you have Jamie looks like a fun way to learn. I am thinking it is fun by your big smile Jackson. Loving the art work boys!

Aarav, you really have been working so hard this half term. We are very proud of you! More brilliant maths work (your mum must be flying through paper). There were a lot of hot chocolate toppings to work through (Phheewww). I wonder what toppings you would choose. I love that you have taken up the challenge of balloon volleyball, it looked great fun! (Did your mum score a point there?) It would be great to get glowing plants from the market, I wouldn’t need any light in my garden then.

Elias, superb reading today, I love your idea of scientist working on making trees glow in the dark. I can just picture our streets lined with glow in the dark trees instead of lampposts. Very environmentally friendly!

Super work again today Jerusha. I wonder what story the scientist might write next. Well done for spotting that 0x5=0 not 5. What was Aman thinking? So many toppings to work through! What toppings would you choose?

It looks like you used a great method to work through the extra maths challenge Saskia, there were some tricky clues so well done. I see you went for 5 toppings, not sure I would be able to make my mind up they all sound delicious. Your story opener got me completely hooked! I couldn’t wait to read on. I am so glad the noise turned out to be a baby wolf and not something scary. Loving you illustration that goes with it.

Alice, a Christmas tree that glows in the dark! What a fab idea, it takes me so long to wrap the fairy lights around my Christmas tree but with your idea I wouldn’t need to worry. And they would be environmentally friendly! Your book with the glow in the dark page looks fun to read, maybe when you get a chance you could write a book review to go with it.  I love how you have drawn an array to represent 4×5, a great link to previous learning. Perfect way to get exercise today, fun but staying cool.

A glowing animal! Now that’s something I would like to see Henry. It certainly wouldn’t get lost anyway. Brilliant maths work again today. Lots of problems to work through. Aman didn’t have you fooled though, you knew 0x5 isn’t 0, well done. I like the sound of all of those toppings. I wonder what ones you would choose.

Riley A, you are the second person to suggest glowing trees today. We could get rid of all the lampposts and have glowing trees along our roads. It certainly would be good for the environment! You’ve certainly got the hang of those possessive apostrophes by spotting all the silly mistakes, well done! I love how you applied your previous learning of arrays to represent 4×5 today. Amazing resilience with your extra maths challenge, definitely a lot more challenging without the number grid (HE HE).I certainly would have been confused too well done dad for sticking at it!

Perfect choice of toppings for your hot chocolate there Jenson. Well done for apply your previous learning of arrays to represent 4×5.  I love how you have crossed numbers out as you worked through those tricky clues in the extra maths challenge. Having a method certainly helps. You are the second person today who has suggested the scientist might make animals glow. Now that would be a sight!

What a busy bee you have been today Isabel! I am sure you whizzed through those maths questions. I wonder what toppings you chose to buy. They all sounded delicious to me. What did you think of the glowing plant? I wonder what you suggested the scientist might do next, I couldn’t quite see.

Great reading today Logan! Phheeww what long word Bioluminescence is, well done for finding the meaning. Great to hear you have practised your 5 x table today. Times tables are used in so many different ways in maths so it is really important to practise them. Yoga sounds like the perfect exercise today with the hot weather.

Thursday’s learning.

day GIF

Thursday already this week!

Just a reminder to all your mums, dads and carers. Remember to send in nominations for your guys at home.

You can nominate them for:

Head of School (Showing school values).

Reader or writer of the week.

Jackie Johnson good manners award.

Sports personality of the week.

Tidy Friday award.

Make sure you get your nominations in before lunch time today.

ENGLISH: A reading task today! Read all about Glowing Plants!  Then have a go at answering the questions.

MATHS: 5 times-table today.

Click on the picture to access the tutorial.

Click download to access the White Rose Hub worksheet.

Click download to access the answers.

Here are some extra questions.

EXTRA MATHS CHALLENGE: Can you solve the mystery ?

PE: Of course you can follow Joe Wicks and his work out today but if you are looking for something different how about balloon volleyball!

Below are instructions on how to play, or click on the picture to see watch how to play. Have fun!

If you want an easier or harder challenge see below:

Space- make the court smaller or bigger

Task – change the rules of the game – allowed to catch and send back, allowed two taps before sending back   

Equipment – make the net higher – tie the string around the leg of two chairs?

People – Have more people in each team if you have more people at home? 

Click on the picture.

Wednesday’s Seesaw.

Well done everyone today. It has been hard working during such a hot day.

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You are all certainly showing the school values! Mums, dads and carers don’t forget to nominate your super, hard working children for this weeks assembly.

Way To Go Good Job GIF by Dirty Bandits

Riley B, Well done for your resilience in maths today, arrays can be very tricky! I can see you worked very hard and found that odd one out. Your plant looks like it will continue to grow strong and healthy in its new home. I have also re-potted my sunflower plants (look out for a picture later in the week). And more tasks complete……………………. Amazing! I can see you have researched the different fruit and vegetables and counted in twos. PPHHEEWWW that is tricky! I love how you have written calculations to match the word problems you tackled.

I love that you have taken advantage of the lovely sunny day and moved your learning space outside Jenson. It looks like you have got the hang of those possessive apostrophes as you spotted all the mistakes. Great maths work today. I wonder if you can find any other possible calculations from the clues you were given. That magic plant certainly grows quickly, well done for working out the answer. Super sorting and researching in science!

Sophia, is that you in your pool. It looks like you were having great fun. Just what you need on a hot day like today.

Well done with your maths today Jonathon. I love how you were able to complete that number line and work out the missing numbers to complete those calculations. I can see you managed to spot those tricky mistakes for the possessive apostrophe well done! Writing out spellings over and over again is such a good way for our brain to remember them! A great go at science today as well.

Aarav, those possessive apostrophes aren’t falling you, great work (spot on). Brilliant maths work again today, you really are working so hard. What great aspirations not only did you find 3 more ways to represent 10×2 but you found 3 more extra ways.  I also love how you have not only listed the different fruit and vegetables under the headings above and below but you have actually listed what they grow on. Amazing!

Not sure who has shared their brilliantly detailed research (I have learnt a new fact about beetroot today) and great work with correcting mistakes for possessive apostrophe from Bonsai Class but this is your shout-out.  Well done great work today.

What a great way of using cartoons to help you learn those tricky spellings Logan. Arrays are a great method to help your with multiplication. I can see you think so too. Great maths work! I love how you have marked each apostrophe with a heart, it clearly shows those apostrophes aren’t tricking you! You were much braver than me in that cold water but I bet it was lovely to get into your pool this afternoon in this lovely hot weather.

Another hard working day for you Henry, you definitely grasped those possessive apostrophes, well done for finding the mistakes.  Thought you would be able to work well through maths today with all your times table practise. That magic tree does grow quick, remember it doubles each day. Great science I wonder if you worked them all out before your research.

Super work again today Laura. I can see you are working so hard and I am very proud of you. Who knew more fruit and vegetables grow above ground than below ground. I do now thanks to your research. Not even those tricky apostrophes have stopped you today. Well done!

Rebecca, did you paint your face yourself? It is very effective! I know this is a tricky time and we are all missing everyone. It is lovely to send a message to friends during this time.

Jerusha, fabulous work again today! You certainly spotted all those silly mistakes for the possessive apostrophe! Thank goodness you were able to write them correctly. Well done for completing the number line that can be tricky. I wonder if you have found any other ways to write a calculation from the clues you were given.

Elias, more great English work today. Those tricky apostrophes aren’t catching you out are they! You are doing a fab job at home well done!

Lots of tasks completed today Riley A, I love how you found more than 1 calculation from the maths clues you were given and knew that all multiples of 2 are even. I wonder what the sound was that echoes through the forest noisily. You definitely know your 2d shapes and how exclamation marks work!  Well done.

Alice, you certainly know how to use a possessive apostrophe, I can just imagine Jack’s cute kittens. Great maths work again today. Well done for finding more than 1 calculation for the clues you were given and I love how you have written all the even numbers up to 20 to prove they are multiples of 2. I wonder if before you sorted the fruit and vegetables in science you knew more fruit grew above the ground than below.

Great English and science work today Saskia. Not sure I fancy a walk in the forest with that sound echoing loudly. I definitely would walk quickly! I can see you found out that lots of fruit and vegetables grow above the ground, not sure I knew there were so many more compared with those growing underground. How about you?

Isabel, I love a good sorting activity, well done for classifying them correctly. I don’t know about you but just looking at all the different fruit and vegetable makes me feel hungry.

Wednesday’s Learning

Again, thank you for making our Zoom meeting yesterday. It really was lovely to see all your face, find out what you have been up to and meet some of your pets!

We have been asked if there is a way of uploading more than one photo at a time on Seesaw. We have had a look and this is how Mr Pearson and I do it from our end so have a go and let us know if you have any problems.

  1. Take all your photos and save them to your tablet or phone BEFORE you log onto Seesaw.
  2. Log into Seesaw as you normally would.
  3. Click the plus sign to add as normal.
  4. Click on UPLOAD instead of photo.
  5. Then choose photo option (this should take you to your own photo storage).
  6. When your photos come up look at the bottom of the screen. It should say add more in blue. Click on this and then it allows you to select all the photos you want to share on Seesaw.
  7. Once selected click the green tick and this will upload all the photos as one post.
Happy Wednesday GIF

ENGLISH: Well done for find and using words with a possessive apostrophe. I thought we could have another practise today.

Can you spot the mistake?

Rewrite these sentences again placing the apostrophe in the right place to show possession.

Rewrite the sentence below so that it includes an apostrophe that shows possession. One has been done for you.

MATHS: The 2 times-table.

Click on the picture to access the tutorial.

Here is the White Rose Hub worksheet to download.

Here are the answers if you want to access them.

Here are some extra questions linked to today’s learning.

Today’s extra maths challenge:

D&T: It was great seeing lots of you baking and cooking in D&T last week but have you ever thought about where some of your food comes from?

Below are a list of fruit and vegetables. We know fruit and vegetables grow on plants but which grow above the ground and which grow below the ground?

Job 1: Have a go at sorting the pictures below. You can print and cut them out, then sort them or list each fruit under the subheadings ‘above’ and ‘below’.

Job 2: Complete the research activity. Once you have researched look at your first sorting activity. Do you need to change any?

Tuesday’s Shout-outs!

Firstly, thank you to everyone that was able to join our Zoom meeting today. It was great to see you all and hope you enjoyed catching up with your friends?

Thanks Thank You GIF by Priooor

Molly, Dryden and Saskia apologies for missing you off of Monday’s shout-outs. I must have posted before you uploaded your photos.

I love your rainbow pictures Molly. What a lovely thing to make for your neighbours. I am sure you will brighten up their day. Your pizzas look scrumptious, a chef in the making there!

You have been very busy Dryden, Looks like you needed strong muscles to mix that dough for your naan breads, which look delicious.  Great science work! I can see you worked hard on your maths. Well done for finding the pattern. I wonder what number might come next………..And more work, you have certainly been working hard. I love how you solved James and Amira’s problems and looked very carefully at the story to find possessive apostrophe words.

Well done for all your maths work Saskia. I can see you found the odd one out and found solutions to the 3 calculations. I wonder if there are different solutions to each calculation.

Rebecca, I love the friendship tree you found. What a great idea! I haven’t seen one before. Your sign for the tree is lovely and bright. Perfect for a friendship tree!  Great work using apostrophes, think you have got the hang of them. Just a bit jealous of your frozen shoes!

Aarav, if only cars were invented in pre-historic times I can imagine all dinosaurs would have loved being carried around just like yours! Super English work! I wonder if I’m and it’s are possessive use of an apostrophe or omission (replacing those missing letters). It’s very tricky. Super maths, think you’ve got arrays and I love how you used them to solve the extra challenge.

What a great idea and good team work Millie. I love the idea of a reading fort, just the best place to curl up and enjoy a good book.

Bea, super maths again today! Looks like you are getting the hang of using possessive apostrophes, well done. Glad to see your new book is interesting. I can’t wait to hear all about it! We have had a look at how to upload more than 1 photo at a time. See Wednesday’s learning post with instructions we hope it will work (fingers crossed).

Great English work today Jonathon, I can see you looked really carefully at the text and found lots of words using the possessive apostrophe! I love how you have used the apostrophe correctly and it is sitting up in the air! Well done for using an array to solve 7 lots of 3 (that’s tricky) and you set your array out nice and neatly, brilliant work.

Jenson, you have been a busy mathematician today! I like how you used arrays to explain James’ and Amira’s thinking. You can clearly see the pattern of arrays and I am impressed you could carry on the pattern and tackle the extra challenge! Great looking in English, You found so many words using the possessive apostrophe and used it correctly, well done.

Henry, you are working so hard on your maths, well done. I agree too with James and Amira, both calculations certainly do have the same answer. I am impressed you worked out the pattern to find the sixth and tenth array!

Lois, Thank you for joining us. I too am learning lots of new ways to use technology at the moment! Superb work again today. It looks like you have got the hang of possessive apostrophes, you certainly looked carefully at the story. I loved that you discussed your maths. I wonder if you were able to work out the pattern for the next lot of orange arrays.

Jerusha, you have been busy again today! I can see you found lots of possessive words in the story and used them correctly in your sentences. Well done for recognising the pattern for the orange arrays and explaining your thinking really clearly when solving problems.

I like how you used the possessive apostrophe to write your own sentences Isabel. I can see you have used the apostrophe correctly. Well done for having a go at finding 3 different ways to represent 12 as an array. I wonder is there another way.

Laura, you have been working hard today! Great spelling of compound words 8 out of 8 well done. Maybe try the next set of spellings now. Beautiful handwriting by the way in your English work and you definitely used the apostrophe correctly.

Another busy day for you Alice. I had to have a good think but I also agree with James and Amira in maths. Well done for writing the correct calculations to match the orange arrays. I wonder if you can work out what might be next in the pattern. Great spotting in English and I and see those contracted words didn’t catch you out!

Great problem solving today Elias! I can see your mum is a great help. Using your fingers to help you count are such a great resource and well done for knowing you had to count in 5’s.Good work tackling those tricky use of apostrophe. Did I spy a couple that had jumped off the page?

We really enjoyed seeing you too today Logan and also meeting your Giant African Land Snail and stick insect. Well done for not getting muddled with the different use of apostrophes (thanks mum), that was a bit tricky! I can see you are putting your cubes to good use in maths and it looks like they are really helping you. I love your Dice Dots worksheet, a great way to visually see how multiplication works.  

Thank you Riley for joining use today on Zoom we really enjoyed seeing you all. Great football skills even if you are wearing that Arsenal shirt (HE HE), What a GGGGGGOOOOOAAAALLLLL! I love how you have used your family members to help you practise using the possessive apostrophe. Well done for drawing 3 different ways to represent 12. I wonder is there another way.

A budding scientist there Joshua! I love a good experiment it is always exciting to set one up. I wonder what you found out about gravity fed water flow.

Wow! Riley, your plant is growing so fast and tall. 12cm in only a day! I wonder how much more your plant has grown since you last post of 9cm.

Tuesday’s learning

Good morning everyone. Just a little reminder about White Rose Hub. Although we have access to the home learning videos directly from their website you need to download the matching worksheets from our daily blog. It will appear as Lesson and whatever lesson number it is (1,2,3,4) with a download link to click on next to it. These are still the White Rose Hub worksheets like before they just need accessing from the blog instead of the website.

Seesaw remind. Don’t forget to share your work, reading, craft activities or how you are being active by uploading your pictures. Remember to name each photography so we can see who it is and give you a shout-out on our blog.  

This is what you need to do:

  1. Download the ‘Seesaw class’ app onto a tablet or phone.
  2. Select ‘I am a Student’
  3. Scan the QR code

To post a picture of your work:

  1. Select the green plus at the top of the page.
  2. Select ‘photo’
  3. Take a photo of whatever you want to share with us and then select the green tick.
  4. Choose which class you are in then select the green tick again.

It’s Tuesday! Super excited as it is Zoom day!

Happy So Excited GIF

Come join myself and Mr Pearson in a Year 2 Zoom meeting at 11AM. Below are instructions on how to join and the ID number and Password you will need to join.

To join Zoom click here to join the chat.

If you have the app, click ‘Join the meeting’ and then type in the information above.

If you have any questions comment on this post and we will answer as best as we can.

Hope you are able to join us. If you are, bring something to show such as a new skill or something you are proud of. Or you could share some news such as birthday gifts, walks you have been on, maybe even show us any pets you have? We will also play a scavenger hunt game and will be asking you to see if you can find items in your home that start with the different vowel sounds (A,E,I,O,U). You could start eyeing up a few items ready! We are looking forward to catching up with as many of you as possible.

ENGLISH: Grammar today (possessive apostrophe)

Use this picture to help you understand how possessive apostrophes work.

Have a go at reading the short story either independently or with an adult. Circle the words that include a possessive apostrophe or list them on your own paper.

There is a missing word for each sentence. Can you write the correct word?

MATHS: Using arrays today.

Click on the picture to access the video tutorial only.

Here is the White Rose Hub Worksheet. Click on the word download to access.

Click on the word download to access the answers.

Here are some extra questions linked to using arrays. Click on the word download to access.

EXTRA MATHS CHALLENGE: For those of you who love a maths challenges! Maybe you could use arrays to help you? Can you find different ways to solve this? How many different ways can you find?