Thursday’s Seesaw

Well done everyone again today, another hot day!  I know some of you are finding it difficult to keep going but Mr Pearson and I are so very proud of you all! You have all shown fantastic aspirations and passion for learning but mostly outstanding resilience during this time. You really are amazing! Keep going for one more day then you can have a well-deserved rest next week for half term.  

Fun Good Job GIF by Mochicloud

Joshua, you have shown great resilience with your writing. You definitely haven’t let those apostrophes trick you. Lovely neat handwriting by the way.

Rebecca, it looks like some spelling practise going on there. I love the look of your little den. Is it your learning den?

Lottie, how invented, making a face mask using paper towel and elastic band! And those flapjacks………………….MMMmmmmm. They look delicious!

Lamar, wow great baking! I am sure Mr Pearson would have loved to been able to try one, I know I would.

More fabulous math work again today Lois! You are flying through these challenges. I love how you drew four dice with 5 spots on each to represent 4×5. Wow you certainly did work hard on your science. I did not know rhubarb leaves are poisonous and the average strawberry has about 200 seeds each but I do now thanks to your research! Great possessive apostrophe work!

Look at you working so hard again today Jonathon! I am impressed you solved that word problem, well done for breaking the question up into 2 parts to help you. I can see you have read well today too, some tricky questions so well done!

Bea, we are so proud of how you have stayed positive throughout your home schooling, nearly there then a week’s rest. I can see you have had a really good go at lots of tasks well done. That 2 part problem about sandwiches and crayons certainly didn’t fool you………. It was very tricky! And I can definitely see you spotted all those silly mistakes in English too. What a beautiful mud pie. It is so lovely I though it was a garden ornament.

Great reading today Molly, (I did wonder if it was your work yesterday because of the blue pen you use, thanks for letting me know.) Your right the synonym for study is learn. Glow in the dark humans! Wow that would be a sight, we would definitely save electricity if we all glowed in the dark.

Great aspirations today Jamie and Jackson, working while catching up with the assembly. Think I would have stopped for a cup of tea so well done. Assemblies are always great to watch, look out for tomorrows one. That times table book you have Jamie looks like a fun way to learn. I am thinking it is fun by your big smile Jackson. Loving the art work boys!

Aarav, you really have been working so hard this half term. We are very proud of you! More brilliant maths work (your mum must be flying through paper). There were a lot of hot chocolate toppings to work through (Phheewww). I wonder what toppings you would choose. I love that you have taken up the challenge of balloon volleyball, it looked great fun! (Did your mum score a point there?) It would be great to get glowing plants from the market, I wouldn’t need any light in my garden then.

Elias, superb reading today, I love your idea of scientist working on making trees glow in the dark. I can just picture our streets lined with glow in the dark trees instead of lampposts. Very environmentally friendly!

Super work again today Jerusha. I wonder what story the scientist might write next. Well done for spotting that 0x5=0 not 5. What was Aman thinking? So many toppings to work through! What toppings would you choose?

It looks like you used a great method to work through the extra maths challenge Saskia, there were some tricky clues so well done. I see you went for 5 toppings, not sure I would be able to make my mind up they all sound delicious. Your story opener got me completely hooked! I couldn’t wait to read on. I am so glad the noise turned out to be a baby wolf and not something scary. Loving you illustration that goes with it.

Alice, a Christmas tree that glows in the dark! What a fab idea, it takes me so long to wrap the fairy lights around my Christmas tree but with your idea I wouldn’t need to worry. And they would be environmentally friendly! Your book with the glow in the dark page looks fun to read, maybe when you get a chance you could write a book review to go with it.  I love how you have drawn an array to represent 4×5, a great link to previous learning. Perfect way to get exercise today, fun but staying cool.

A glowing animal! Now that’s something I would like to see Henry. It certainly wouldn’t get lost anyway. Brilliant maths work again today. Lots of problems to work through. Aman didn’t have you fooled though, you knew 0x5 isn’t 0, well done. I like the sound of all of those toppings. I wonder what ones you would choose.

Riley A, you are the second person to suggest glowing trees today. We could get rid of all the lampposts and have glowing trees along our roads. It certainly would be good for the environment! You’ve certainly got the hang of those possessive apostrophes by spotting all the silly mistakes, well done! I love how you applied your previous learning of arrays to represent 4×5 today. Amazing resilience with your extra maths challenge, definitely a lot more challenging without the number grid (HE HE).I certainly would have been confused too well done dad for sticking at it!

Perfect choice of toppings for your hot chocolate there Jenson. Well done for apply your previous learning of arrays to represent 4×5.  I love how you have crossed numbers out as you worked through those tricky clues in the extra maths challenge. Having a method certainly helps. You are the second person today who has suggested the scientist might make animals glow. Now that would be a sight!

What a busy bee you have been today Isabel! I am sure you whizzed through those maths questions. I wonder what toppings you chose to buy. They all sounded delicious to me. What did you think of the glowing plant? I wonder what you suggested the scientist might do next, I couldn’t quite see.

Great reading today Logan! Phheeww what long word Bioluminescence is, well done for finding the meaning. Great to hear you have practised your 5 x table today. Times tables are used in so many different ways in maths so it is really important to practise them. Yoga sounds like the perfect exercise today with the hot weather.

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