Friday Seesaw

Well done everyone we have made it to half term. I know I said this yesterday but we really are so very proud of how you have all coped with your learning at home. You all have amazing resilience. Thank you for our lovely messages it really does brighten up our days being able to see what you are all up to at home. Thank you for taking the time to upload your pictures.

Wishing you all a lovely half term and a well deserved rest.

proud of you GIF

Well done Bea (and mum) for your resilience today in tackling the last few tasks before half term. I’m impressed you worked out what all the pictures represented in your spellings, even I had to have a good think about some of them. What a challenge in maths (Phheewww)! You certainly showed passion for your learning in giving them a good go………………..And relax! Hope you all have a lovely and restful week off.

Fabulous phonics work today Jonathon. Some of those pictures are a bit tricky, well done for working out the roller-coaster picture was theme park, I had to have a good think about that one. I can see you have shown great aspirations with you maths, there were some tricky challenges especially challenge 2. Have a lovely half term.

Lottie I love a bit of geography. Did you draw the map of the United Kingdom? Very impressed! We are certainly surrounded by lots of different seas and oceans. Hope you and Lamar have a lovely half term.

Superb spelling today Isabel! How did you work out the heart jigsaw represented the word complete? It took me a while to get that one. Have a lovely and restful week with your family.

Jerusha, I can see you had a good go at your phonics today. Some of those pictures were very tricky to work out! I love your city design you have included lots of physical and human features. It definitely looks like a place I would like to visit! Loving your flag design to go with it. I can see you worked very hard on those challenging maths questions today, well done and have a lovely half term.  

Wow Kaysey, well done for taking on all those maths challenges, they were quite tricky. Challenge 4 got me thinking! Those missing letters didn’t fool you either. Fabulous aspirations shown today. Hope you and your family have a lovely half term.

Great detective work Aarav, those missing letters didn’t trip you up neither did those phonics picture. I had to have a good think about some of them myself. I love how you used your dinosaurs to help you solve a maths challenge, you certainly are a dinosaur fan! Hope you all have a lovely week off.

You’ve definitely solved the mystery of the missing letters today Jenson, they didn’t catch you out, neither did your phonics work. How did you work out theme park and complete?  I really had to think about those. I didn’t know you could get more than one Blue Peter badge. (I loved watching this many years ago when I was young!) I am sure you will be awarded it, you are always being active. You look like you are working very hard on those maths challenges, they are tricky, well done. Have a lovely half term.

A chef in the making there Dryden, your pizzas look so delicious! I am sure you were very hungry after all your hard work.  Great phonics work and well done for finding all those missing letters. Those maths questions were a challenge today! That hexagon question certainly got me thinking. I love how you used your times table facts to help you solve it.

A rainbow city, that sounds like the perfect place to be at the moment Alice. Just seeing your flag makes me want to visit. Those missing letters haven’t caught you out today have they and fabulous phonics work. Some of those pictures were a bit tricky to work out but by the looks of it not for you. I love how you used your tens and ones to help you solve challenge 2 and I can tell you know your number facts up to 100. Well done this half term have a great week off.

What a challenge in maths today Riley A. I love how you worked with your brother to help you solve challenge 4. I really had to think about that one too. Those missing letters didn’t stop you with your spelling today and you definitely know all the alternative spellings for the sound ‘ee’. Well done for all your hard work, enjoy your week off.

Glow in the dark food! Now that would be interesting Lois. I’m thinking it would work well for sneaking a midnight snack! Fabulous phonics spelling, think you did a better job than me at working out what all the different pictures were. You’ve definitely cracked those possessive apostrophes and I can see some lovely neat handwriting there. There were certainly a lot of steps in working out those maths challenges today, well done for persevering with them. Hope you all have a lovely and restful half term.

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