Friday’s learning (17th July)

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Well this is it. The last day of the school year. What a very strange school year it has been. Myself and Miss Fretton are extremely proud of every single one of you showing such tremendous levels of resilience, aspiration and passion in your learning even throughout some of strangest, most difficult times. You should all be very proud of yourselves for your superb work over the last 4 months but also very thankful for your family for supporting you for this time as well. Thank you to all of you for your support and kind words. You have been amazing and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back in September (albeit in a different year group/class). We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all for the time we had together and we wish you all the very best in Year 3. Have a great summer holiday and stay safe. Miss Fretton and Mr P.

Usually, our last day of term would consist of some learning in the morning and then class/house treats. You would have missed 3 class treats and 2 house treats as well as those that would have got the attendance treats too. Because of this, we have put together some fun activities you can do together as a family as well as the final Maths challenge. Enjoy your last day.


End of term treats

I might be on own with this thought, but it’s not a party without a game of musical statues. The music will play and stop at different times so even the ‘DJ’ has to join in (Mum and Dad!)

Another great family game is ‘Charades’. If you restrict this to films or TV shows, it will make it easier to act out as well as making it a little easier to guess. Take it in turns to act out your favourite film or TV show (you could act as the main characters or maybe act out the best scene of that film). The other team then needs to guess. Shall we restrict the guesses to 3 per team to make it harder?

You can finish the party off with a classic board game or maybe a movie? Maybe write down 5 films and put them in a bowl and take it in turns to choose the film you watch?

Enjoy your day and we would love to have our last seesaw uploads to be you all acting out your favourite films for us to guess? Or just to see you having a good dance in your game of musical statues!

2 comments on “Friday’s learning (17th July)

  • Joanna Barnes says:

    A massive thank you to you both for all of your hard work through the strangest of times. Jenson has loved his learning challenges from home and we are gutted we couldn’t end the year in the usual way. You have both done an amazing job and thank you for all your hard work and encouragement over the year! Have a great summer xxx

  • Rachel says:

    Huge thanks to you Mr Pearson and Miss Fretton for keeping us going through all these weeks of home learning. Thanks for taking the time to comment individually on children’s learning whilst carrying out all of your other duties- including teaching children in school and keeping them safe during a pandemic- when many other working people have been able to carry out their roles from the safety of their own homes.

    The Lawford Mead team have been amazing, right from the moment you took the swift decision to close the school, contacting everyone so quickly and keeping everyone as safe as you could. We have missed being part of the real world Lawford Mead community so much, but the online support and communication through blogs and assemblies has kept us connected throughout this unsettling time.

    I hope that you have a relaxing summer break. Here’s to a bright future where the wonderful teachers and children continue to make us all so proud.



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