Tuesday Seesaw comments

Hi Jenson, great maths work today! I can see you have a great understanding of time. I love how you explained where the minute hand will be after each lesson. Two good question there for the seaside pictogram. I wonder if any one in your family were able to answer them?

Well done Henry, I can see you worked really hard on your maths today, I can see you have a good understanding of time. Fabulous reading, I can’t believe Vashti ended up liking camping! I wonder if you predicted that ?

Another busy day for you Aarav, I love how you wrote a number equation to help you answer a question in your statistic work. Great job with solving those word problems in maths. I can see you went for the level 3 challenge in reading, great aspirations, well done!

Phew a busy day for you Logan! I am so pleased you enjoyed meeting Mrs Dubey today, I know she will love having you in her class. Keep going with telling the time you are all doing a great job, it really can be tricky (so can left and right). We are very proud of your resilience. Fabulous reading, I can see you really understood the story. Who would have guessed Sam would end up not enjoying camping, I certainly didn’t.

Hi Saskia and family, thank you so much for your lovely messages. I love how you made me your message saskia, it is really special. It really has been a pleasure to teach you this year and work with you all through this strange time. I am just sorry we didn’t get to finish the year altogether. Thank you for all your hard work with home learning. I have definitely enjoyed your stories Saskia. A budding author in the making maybe? Hope you all have a lovely, restful holiday, Enjoy the break!

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