Friday’s Learning.

And we have made it to Friday this week!

The Lion King Dancing GIF by disneyjunior

Can you believe it is also the last day of this half term. You have all (mums, dads and cares too) done amazing job with home schooling! You all definitely deserve a rest. Enjoy your week off and hopefully the weather will be nice so you can spend lots of time in your gardens or going out for your daily exercise. We look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Don’t forget to watch our celebration assembly today. I’m sure there will be some special guests you will recognise.

ENGLISH: Spelling today. Can you write the matching words for the pictures using all the alternative ‘ee’ graphemes (sound).

No peeping first but here are the answers as it can be tricky to work out what some of the picture are.

Common Exception words.

I thought this looked like a fun activity. You need to be letter detectives today. Can you work out the missing letters to complete each word. You can do as many or as few as you like.

Click on the download to open or print.

MATHS: Friday Challenge!

You can access the linked worksheets today by clicking on the picture below.

Click on the picture to access.

GEOGRAPHY: This half term we have looked at capital cities, flags from different countries and what human and physical features are. I thought it might be nice to bring this all together with a little project you might want to take up during half term.

CHALLENGE: Can you design your own capital city (Maybe it will be in a made up country)? Use the word mats below to decide what human and physical features you want to include. It might be a seaside city or it might be in-between giant mountains. It might have a bridge or a huge tower block, the choice is yours. Once you have decided what features you will include draw a plan of your city.

Then design a flag for your city. You may want to magpie parts of flags you have been researching or completely use your own design.

If you want an extra challenge you could then build a model of your city. Maybe using Lego or other building blocks. Maybe you could use empty cardboard boxes or other recycling packaging you have in your home.

Have fun!

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