Toilet roll Solar System!

This afternoon we replicated the distance between the planets in the solar system using sheets of toilet paper to measure the relative distances between planets.  Although the toilet paper broke, we could still see the difference in the distance between planets.

We are trying to remember the names of the planets one way is to use mnemonics:









Poplar space pictures


This afternoon in Poplar, we practised various painting techniques to try to create a space picture.  In a couple of weeks we will use these techniques when creating more space pictures on a more exciting background.

Number Day!

As part of Number Day, in Year 5 we looked at pentominoes (a shape made by exactly 5 connecting squares). We explored how many there are in total (there are 12!)

We then had a go at turning the 12 pentominoes back into a rectangle, which took lots of resilience but many children managed it!

Exploring dissolving

As part of our Science topic of ‘being real scientists’, we have looked at dissolving. The children had to design an experiment to test if fizzer sweets will dissolve quicker in hot or cold water.