Home Learning Pack and Monday’s Learning 1.6.20

Below is the home learning pack document if you’d prefer to access your learning in that way:


What is the purpose of persuasive writing? Can you think of any types of writing that use persuasive features?

Below shows the writing features used in persuasive writing.

This half term our topic is ‘allotments’. Today I would like you to research the benefits of growing your own food. Why is it a good idea? What are the positives about growing your own food?  Why?

You can use the links below to get you started:





Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers: https://vimeo.com/420244176

Complete week 26, Monday, arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


You will be practising numbers, colours and the question “Magst du ….?” (Do you like ….?) with various topics and you will be able to practise your speaking skills. You will need: a piece of A4 paper, coloured pens and scissors.

  1. Watch this video on how to make a “chatterbox”. Follow the instructions on how to make it. You will be writing slightly different things inside it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpsmrQdN0Do
  2. Colour in the four squares each with a different colour (like on the video) and also write in German the colour (eg, rot, blau, gelb, grün, weiß, braun, schwarz, lila, rosa).
  3. On the small triangles inside (like on the video) write any 8 numbers between 1 and 30 and then write the German words for those numbers as well. Use the numbers sheet from Monday 18th May to help you spell them. 
  4. Underneath the triangles, when you lift them up you are going to write some questions (not like on the video this time). Questions must all start with “Magst du…?” which as you know, means, “Do you like…?”.
    Here are some example questions to help get you started but you can use any food / drink / school subjects / activities words in German: 

Magst du Orangen? (Do you like oranges?)

Magst du Vanilleeis? (Do you like vanilla ice cream?)

Magst du ….? Schwimmen (swimming), Tanzen (dancing), Gymnastik (gymnastics), Fußball (football)

Magst du ….? Englisch, Mathe, Musik, Sport

Magst du ….? Apfelsaft (apple juice), Tee (tea), Kaffee (coffee), Wasser (water)

5. How to play:

Ask a sibling or adult to choose a colour – say it in German. Spell out the colour whilst opening the chatterbox to the top and side.

Now ask your partner to choose a number (in German). Open out the chatterbox to the top and side and count up to the number they have chosen IN GERMAN. 

When you finish counting, your partner has to choose another number in German. Open the flap under that number and read out the question underneath. Your partner can answer Ja (yes) or Nein (no) or they could say Ja das ist lecker (Yes that is delicious) / Ja das macht Spaß (Yes that is fun) or Nein das ist nicht so gut (No that is not good) – or other opinions you have learnt in German.

Finally just for fun: Here is a short clip of the panda cubs that were born in September at Berlin Zoo. This shows the first time they venture out. 


If you enjoyed this, take a virtual tour of Berlin Zoo here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvxDJx8ku3k and write down all the animals you see. How many of the animals can you say in German? Use an online dictionary or google translate to find out any you don’t know.

Welcome Back!

Hello Year 5,

We hope you had a fantastic half term and enjoyed all of the glorious weather we’ve been having! Below is the time table for your learning this week.

We are also starting our new topic ‘allotments’. How many of you already grow some of your own food? Let us know!

Seesaw shout outs 22.05.20 and half-term well wishes.

Amelie – A great family tree of Cleopatra and a beautiful drawing to go with it!

Thomas – Well done for completing your grammar, Maths and reading comprehension today – some great explanations of your answers. It was great to see your science experiments too!

Jayden – Great maths work today and a fantastic science experiment.

Edward – Well done for completing your Maths and reading comprehension today. A great science experiment too!

Myles – Great maths works today and some very good answers on your reading comprehension. You have written a fantastic biography on Tutankhamen – it was very informative!

Anna – Well done for completing your grammar work today and great science experiment!

Erin – Some great Maths and reading comprehension work today, well done! What an amazing outside fort you have built! It must have taken ages, i’m very impressed!

Eleanor – It is great to hear that you have been reading! Some good Maths and reading comprehension work. Well done for completing your computing work too.

Nic – Well done on your grammar work today.

Gam – Well done on your Maths work today – great explanations! Your reading comprehension work was very detailed too.

Layla – A fantastic science write up Layla! Well done for also completing your Maths and reading comprehension work.

Poppy – A lovely teacher description on Mrs. Archer! Well done for completing your Maths and reading work too.

There was also a science experiment using shaving gel and another with water and a heart – both were great but no names!

What a very different half term we have had to what we would have expected. We have enjoyed seeing all the work you have been blogging, smiled at seeing so many of your faces on the zoom we held and laughed at many of your entertaining seesaw posts!

We hope to have another Zoom meeting after half term and it would be lovely to see as many faces as before!

You have worked very hard this half term – well done to yourselves: we are PROUD. Again, thank you to you – parents – for your engagement, guidance and support regarding your children’s home learning.

We hope you have a restful, family-fuelled half term.

Stay safe and enjoy the nice weather!

Miss Knight and Miss Smith x

Friday’s Learning 22.5.20




Magic Vs Investigation Place each of the numbers 1 to 5 in the V shape below so that the two arms of the V have the same total.

How many different possibilities are there?
What do you notice about all the solutions you find?

Can you explain what you see?

Can you convince someone that you have all the solutions?

What happens if we use the numbers from 2 to 6? From 12 to 16? From 37 to 41? From 103 to 107?

What can you discover about a V that has arms of length 4 using the numbers 1−7?

Complete task 25 arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


More exciting science experiments to choose from on the link below:

Post your results, pictures and videos onto Seesaw.

Seesaw Shout Outs 21.05.20

Robert – Well done for completing your Maths work today!

Eddie – Great space art planning Eddie! and well done for completing your biography on Tutankhamen and your Maths work too!

Jayden – Well done for completing your reading comprehension and Maths work today.

Ria – Great Maths work today, well done!

Sophie – A lovely diary entry Sophie! Great speech punctuation and emotive language.

Nic – Good grammar work Nic!

Heather – Some fantastic computing work, I loved the dancing dogs! It was also great to see all of the other work completed today. Your German, Maths and art work was brilliant!

Andres – Good maths work today, well done.

Amelie – A beautiful space painting Amelie!

There was also some hieroglyphs work and a Tutankhamen biography with out a name on, they were great just remember to put your names on them next time!

It was lovely to see so many of you on the Zoom class meeting today and to hear about all the work you have done at home!

Thank you Year 5!

Wow! Thank you Year 5 that was a fantastic Zoom call with all 33 of you! We just managed to get round to all of you before we were cut off, but Thomas we will start with you again next time.

It was fantastic to hear all of the other skills you have learnt during your time at home, we would always love to see them on Seesaw too. We hope you enjoyed listening and seeing one another.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next Zoom call date (after half term).

Miss Smith, Miss Knight, Miss Cope and Mrs Wilson 🙂

Thursday’s Learning- 21.5.20


Choose a ‘masterclass’ from the link below set by a famous children’s author and enjoy!




Subtract mixed numbers. Video link: https://vimeo.com/418155840

Complete task 24 arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Choose a tutorial from Scratch and create your project.


Seesaw Shout Outs 20.05.20

Ellie – A great biography of Tutankhamen with some lovely subheadings, well done for completing your Maths work too!

Eleanor – Fantastic Maths and PHSE work today, well done.

Poppy – Good Maths work today and it was lovely to read your biography on Tutankhamen, some great subheadings.

Thomas – Well done for for completing your grammar work today and listening to your audiable. A brilliant biography of Tutankhamen too, great use of subheadings and bullet points for your list!

Amelie – Great Maths work today.

Jayden – It is great to see you enjoying the sun and painting outside! Well done for also completing your Maths work and your biography, it was very interesting!

Gam – What a beautiful painting of an astronaut in space! Well done for completing your Maths work and your biography on Tutankhamen too! You used some fantastic ambitious vocabulary and fronted adverbials.

Nic – Well done for completing your grammar work today.

Erin – A fantastic biography on Tutankhamen and well done for completing your Maths work too!

Ria – Great grammar work today.

Sophie – Well done for completing your biography on Tutankhamen today, it was very informative!