Year 5 Library visit

On Tuesday Pine and Poplar visited the North Melbourne Library. We listened carefully to the librarian, who told us how the books were organised and then we had some time to explore the library. Some children even brought their library card and took out a book!

Macbook skills!

Today we were learning how to use spreadsheets to create tables and charts! We also learnt about different formulas which allowed us to to do Maths!

In class we discussed how this could be useful for real life. Can you think of any ideas how?

Layer Marney Tower

To start off our new topic in Year 5, we took a trip to Layer Marney Tower, a traditional Tudor building. We had a whole day of exploring Tudor life including:

  • Climbing Layer Marney Tower
  • Holding and trying on a knight’s armour
  • Archery
  • Tudor games
  • The Maypole
  • Tudor school
  • Using a quill pen

We all learnt so much information about the Tudors, which will really help us in this topic!