Beating Bullying and Vicious Vikings

This week Pine class have been sharing some of our ideas about bullying, we have written our own class code and promised to help by reporting bullying if we see it happening. We have talked about being kind to each other and being careful not to make jokes that might be offensive to others, as this could be misconstrued as bullying. We wrote some of our own thoughts and feelings on leaves and decorated autumnal trees which we will be displaying in our classroom.

Today we have also had fun learning about Viking warriors. We used empathy and imagination to pretend that we were Saxon Monks at the famous monastery of Lindisfarne on the day of the first Viking raid! We loved using our adventurous vocabulary to describe the bloodthirsty warriors, their armour glinting in the candle light and their blood stained, rusty swords! We have produced some fantastic diary entries and are very proud of our writing.

Here are some quotes from our work:

“I was super scared, the vicious Vikings were heading straight towards me with their sharp swords and shining helmets.”

“Despite seeing all my closest friends slaughtered, I managed to slip away from the deadly and lethal battle!”


KS1 Readathon!

We had some fabulous year 6 helpers who worked with the younger children on Friday 13th for our Children in Need Readathon! The children worked collaboratively to produce a short performance, planned questions and then even got some KS1 children to do some acting. The year 6 helpers were absolute superstars!


Year 5 Literacy Challenge

Should we keep animals in zoos?

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 16.56.04 Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 16.56.17 Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 16.57.03 Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 16.57.17

In our literacy lessons we have been starting to think about the question “Should animals be kept in zoos?”. We are going to create balanced argument texts, giving both points of view and finally revealing our own opinion. When writing a balanced argument we have discovered that it is important to use facts to support the statements and opinions given.

Here is where we would love to hear from you. What is your opinion? What evidence would you give to support this? (Year 6, help us out you had a go at this last year!)

We have already started to collect some research and useful vocabulary and will share some of our writing with you at the end of next week.

Problem solving

Pine maths set have been working really hard over the last half term and are becoming really confident mathematicians. We have recently been learning about perimeter and used our skills to work out the missing lengths and perimeters of some, rather large, compound shapes.IMG_1187 IMG_1184 IMG_1185 IMG_1186

This week we have become experts in formal multiplication methods, some of us have been using our times tables to complete 3digit by 1 digit multiplications using the short method!

How are your multiplication skills? Can you answer this question?

628 x 9 ?

Reply with your answers!

Pine photo gallery

Here are a few of our photos from last week.

Getting ready to enter the planetarium IMG_1240 IMG_1237

Working with Art Solutions

IMG_1228 IMG_1225 IMG_1229 IMG_1188


Don’t forget we need to be in school early tomorrow for our trip to the cinema!

What a busy week!

The first week of this half term has certainly been a busy one. We have had a great time working with the Art Solutions team to make a 3D scene for the library. In Pine class we made badgers and their sets, a heron and a barn owl, along with many other creatures. We used scrunched up newspaper to make pebbles, these became the bodies of the animals. Once we had made them the right shape we had to cover them in layers of white paper and coloured tissue. It was very messy but a lot of fun. On Wednesday we had a science day, in class we planned short stories about searching for life on other planets, this was inspired by the film we watched in the planetarium. We also created our own big book by researching the solar system and publishing the information. If you would like to look at our big book please come and visit. Miss Dearing has taken some photos and will put them up later.

Pine Class

Poplar fly fast and major in mud!

Our first great week back this half term continued with a science based maths lesson on SCIENCE DAY and our first Muddy Adventures afternoon.

Firstly in maths we constructed and flew some different types of paper aeroplanes. We measured their flight time and distance and calculated their speed. To conclude our experiment we had a think about why some of our ‘planes had flown faster than others; what made them more aerodynamic and streamlined or whether the enthusiasm of the flyer was a factor!!

After a fascinating film about alien life in the Science Dome, we went out for our first Muddy Adventures session and we certainly think we completed the brief – muddy and adventurous – what do you think??

IMG_1423 IMG_1418  IMG_1433IMG_1429

Collaborative messy art!

IMG_0583 IMG_0582 IMG_0586

Poplar class really enjoyed working on our whole school wildlife art display. They worked fantastically in teams to create awe inspiring animals. Some stages were tricky but they showed resilience and passion to succeed. They should be very proud of their final achievements.

Mrs Page

IMG_0589 IMG_0591 IMG_0590