Medieval Paper!

To end of Medieval England topic, we have had a go at making authentic Medieval paper by tea staining it. We have then been publishing our letters from the Rats to Pestilence on our paper.

Heart-Warming Homework!

For our latest piece of Literacy homework, the Year 5s had to do a piece of creative writing based around an image. Miss Middleton and Miss Caldwell were overwhelmed with so many fantastic pieces of writing! The quality of the work was brilliant. We have added photos of some of our favourite pieces of writing! Well done Year 5s.

Diwali Poems!

In RE we have been learning about Hinduism. In one of our lessons we created acrostic poems about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We then published our poems and they look fantastic, celebrating the festival of lights!

Year 5’s Medieval Banquet

Throughout this half term, our topic has been based on England in the Middle ages. As part of a ‘Design and Technology day’ we all tried following a medieval recipe (an unusual type of ginger bread) and then transformed our classrooms into banquet halls ready for the other Year 5 class to dine in (all accessories designed and created by the children!).

Coats of arms!

Today, in our history lesson, we looked at coats of arms. We looked at what a coats of arms is, what the main features are and we also researched the meanings behind what certain animals, symbols and colours represent.

We then had a go at making our own coats of arms, based on our own personalities! Everyone made such a fantastic effort with their coast of arms, that it was so hard to chose just one! Instead, I have chosen two of my favourite ones which are…………………………….


Haniya and Elsie! Well done girls!

I particularly like Haniya’s because she has magpied some latin words from the ‘Harry Potter’ coats of arms. I really like that Elsie has included her date of birth in roman numerals.

Well done to everyone for producing such fantastic work!

Miss Davies

Pine’s Writer of the Week

Pine’s writer of the week goes to Amelia, who has written a great opening to a letter, imagining she was a rat responding to Pestilence’s letter. She has used some fabulous vocabulary and really flattered Pestilence! Well done Amelia!