Wonderful Writing!

In Year 5 this week, we have been exploring how films are adapted from the original books. We acknowledged that the books contain excellent descriptive language for a filmmaker to be able to create such vivid scenes in the film. We have been focussing on Harry Potter and have enjoyed using a variety of descriptive language to describe certain settings by using the book and the film. Look at this brilliant piece of writing by George. What descriptive writing features can you find in George’s writing? Can you spot the use of personification? img_3002

Gotta read ’em all!

Which house group will become the Pokemon reading masters?

Which house group will become the Pokemon reading masters?

Pine’s reading challenge has started this week. Each child is expected to read at least three times a week at home for 15 minutes.

Each day, we will check signatures in reading records. For every signature in a child’s record, their house group’s Pokemon goes one step closer to evolving.

Each week, the reading challenge will be reset.

Which house group can evolve the quickest and become the Pokemon reading masters?

Dojo’s are up for grabs for the first team to evolve their Pokemon, so ‘Pika-choose’ a book and get reading!



Deliciously divine descriptions


Tremendous things are in store for you! Many wonderful surprises await you…

This week children all around the world have been celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl. In Poplar we took inspiration from this master of wordplay (or Gobblefunk as he called it) and stepped inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory to create new weird and wonderous sweets. Perhaps you would like to try a  ‘Popping Power Pastille’? Or maybe we could interest you in a stick of tasty ‘Multicoloured Gigglegum’? After thinking up a crazy name for our new sweet, we then wrote an enticing description of it, full of powerful adjectives, awesome alliteration and mouthwatering onomatopoeia.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my tasty ‘FudzyFidge’ bar! Mmmmmmm…

If you’d like to explore all there is to know about Roald Dahl and his stories, take a look at https://www.roalddahl.com

Muddy adventures for Pine

On Monday 12th September, Pine began their sessions of Muddy Adventures.

We had fun climbing terrific, towering trees, making a marvellous mess in the mud kitchen and hiding in our fantastic dens.

Our hiding places were put to the test when we played hide and seek (boys against girls). The girls had brilliant hiding places and managed to stay hidden for almost 8 minutes, resulting in sweets for the girls and commiserations to the boys.

As it was so hot, Miss Lindsay decided the only way to cool us down was a game of water dodgeball. We all enjoyed soaking each other with sponges to finish off our first fantastic muddy adventures session.

We are all looking forward to our next adventure whatever it may bring.

img_2932 img_2933 img_2943